Please help - pregnancy test confusion...

Hello everyone!

I couldn't resist and did a Clearblue Early Detection pregnancy test last night at 8DPO. Think that there's a faint line there?! Then did a Clearblue Digital test this morning and it showed up 'not pregnant'. Just looking for some advice, thoughts and experiences that others have had? I know it's early days but I'm so desperate! 

Thank you in advance, D ximage


  • a digital won't pick up really until af is late! that looks positive to me :) congrats x 

  • Thanks flybutterflyfly. image

    Any thoughts from anyone else? x

  • Looks positive... congratulations ❤

  • Thanks very much for your reply, Danielle! Just a bit nervous as only 9dpo today... x

  • So I did a First Response test tonight (9dpo) and am pretty sure there's a line!? Just a bit concerned that I haven't had any implantation bleeding? Should I have?image

  • Danielle & Darcey they both look positive.

    Darcey I just googled and it said only 30% of women experience implantation bleeding so don't worry.

  • Thank you, Miley imageimage

  • Gave in and tested this morning.imageimage

  • Sorry Danielle I just realised both tests were Darceys, I thought one was yours and one Darceys. 

    Looked very late last night as couldn't sleep for cramps so I misread the thread silly me.

  • Darcey that's quite a strong line - congratulations hun ❤

    Lol no problem miley! Hopefully I'll get mine Thursday!

    I've also been having bad cramps like really twisting kind of pain/cramping and sharp pain feels like on cervix really strange.. never had them before.... this 2ww is really dragging!

    I can definitely see the line miley I really hope this is your month! ❤ xxx

  • I feel like something is going to fall out of my cervix there's so much pressure down there. 

    When are you due on Danielle? 

    I do see a second line on mine I'm just scared I'll have another cp. I didn't cope very well with the last one and haven't gone back to ov testing as I think I thought I'd have a lower chance of conceiving and therefore won't go through the disappointment again so soon.

  • I'm due on the 2nd - my oh came home this afternoon and asked if I was pregnant, apprently he had a dream last night about it and he looked up symptoms at work bless him! He wants me to test but I'm scared to do it.

    I'm sorry about your cp that must of been horrible! I hope your little bean sticks ❤ 

  • It's an exciting time for the man too bless them.

    My oh is excited but also knows not to get carried away incase the same happens as before. 

    Test if you feel you're ready but don't be pushed into it as it's us women who feel the brunt of disappointment x

  • Hey, am new to all this but thought I'd comment and say I'm in the same boat, although I have to say your line looks more visable than mine.  so looks very promising 👍😁 hope all goes well.

  • Post a pic Gemz if you're doubting x

  • Your test showed similar to mine Darcey17, so tried another 4 and were all positives and now my clear blue digital test says not pregnant and I have light bleeding :( 

    what's going on?? 

  • image

    well heres mine, but I'm nearly 16 days dpo and   I would of thought it would be darker. im 5 days late I haven't been late in all my 34 years on this earth so I'm hoping, but I have had a bad sign.

    since implantation on the 18th of this month I've had a tiny bit of spotting, it's barely anything at all and brown. not too sure what to think just yet about that. 

    I see your line too Miley. when did you take your test? X

  • Rosie digitals aren't very sensitive, is af late? 

    Gemz I defo see a line, brown is old blood so I wouldn't worry too much at this stage, your hcg levels should double every 48 hours so test again 48 hours after that test and see if it's darker.

  • Oh and I took my test yesterday morning x

  • Thanks Miley I will.

    fingers crossed for us all x

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