Have a question ❓ please help me ive been on one of the App and they where rude

hello ladies I was wondering if you could help me I had my period on the Thursday 26th January and I know I was stupid about.it but I had sex on my period and my partner cumed in me on the Friday 27th of  my second day of my period my parnter cumed in me twice then later.the.evens my period stopped and I.thourt thats not me now is Saturday 28th we had sex all day and he cumed in me deep is there any possibility that I could become pregnant or not


  • I'm guna say no as it's very rare that people can get pregnant on their period u ovulate two weeks before your period which is the only time I would be able to get pregnant, are u on any birth control ?

  • You can fall pregnant at ANY point in your cycle though day 2 of your period is rare as your body has begun clearing the womb ready for your next ovulation in another 10-12 days  (usual 28 day cycle ).

    If you haven't taken any emergency contraception then all you can do is wait until your next period is due before testing. 

  • The only way you can fall pregnant on your period is if the sperm hang around long enough for when ovulation occurs. they can live up to 5 days. The egg only survives 12-24 hours then dies. 

    @butterfly you have posted your questions twice on here and you have had the same answers on the other posts. 

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