4 dpo symptoms?

Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is where I post this or if anyone will even see it. I'll try to keep it short. 

I had unprotected sex the 21st and ovulated on the 24th. He did finish inside me TMI. Ever since having sex though I've had dull cramps in my lower stomach, nothing intense but it feels gravy and aches on and off. Acne breakout on my face, headache, stuffy nose, runny nose, left side lower stomach pain, sensitive nipples and lower back pain. Also i tried to check my  cervixs and it feels closed up down there. This is my second time TTC and I never ever felt this pain in my stomach before or anything else. When I ovulate before I never felt this after sex. so never cramped. period is due in 11 days.  Just wanted to see what others think. I am hopig to get pregnant. 


  • Oh and so to add, been urinating and having  diarrhea   Sorry if it's tmi. 

  • I've been having some slight cramps, feeling sick, tiredness, sore nipples & headaches too hun! I'm 11dpo going to test in the next couple of days, im here hoping too, but we shall see fingers crossed Hun xxx 

  • yay I hope it happens for you :) fingers crossed!

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