Very faint second line on pregnancy test


Hi all,

I've taken a pregnancy test early this morning and it's showing a very faint line. 

I'm trying to not get my hopes up, but after 5 years of trying and not even having this faint line before I can't help it!

I'm getting my usual PMS symptoms but I know these can be very similar to early pregnancy symptoms. When would you guys say to take another test?


  • I definitely see a clear line😊

    when did you take the test? have you missed your period yet? If not to confirm, maybe take another after then x

  • Hi Gemz444,

    i took the test this morning. :) My period is due on Tuesday, so will take a test then. 

    Thanks for your advice. :) x

  • Hi everyone, I took a test today and got a very faint line. I haven't really been trying (am still on birth control) But my partner and i have decided to start trying soon. Is this always a definite yes to being pregnant or does a faint line not alway mean your pregnant?


  • just to add post, it came up very very faint (could hardly see it) after about 2 mins and got a tiny bit darker so line is clear but by no means dark about 3-4 mins after the test

  • Hi there. take another one isn like 4/5 days time. My picture is the original one and I now have an 8 week old. :) x

  • Not sure if I'm seeing things . I'm sure there's a very very faint line . Can't see it much in pictureimage

  • imageimageimage Took two tests got faint lines then took a clear blue and it said negative could I be pregnant my last day of period was 17th ofMarch its April 8 

  • Hi, everyone

    I took a test after miss period of 2 days 6 April 2018,  its very very faint thin pink line, after taking the test I check it after an hour, can someone please suggest me, is it +ve or -ve.

    or need to take a test again after few days.

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