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Testing around VDay!?



  • hello Susie!! When are you due for a test? 

    I'll probably be testing around the 10th- that'll be 12 dpo for me and my period is predic to start on the 12th so we'll seeee!

    Myah let's hope your boobs are sore because of that developing babe!! 😍 I would say though that's a pretty promising sign if it's out of character for your to experience around your period. 

    Gah I feel impatient FOR you girls! haha

  • Awh fingers crossed for you septemberberry :) 

    I'm 14 dpo today, but my period isn't due until next week, would it be normal for me to test now? Sorry for all the questions this is probably the first time in a year I've been in this position 🙈 


  • Laura I'm thinking it'd be fine to, if what I'm reading is correct about 10-14 days for implementation to happen! but then I'd test again closer to your period if it's a negative. Everyone's body is different 😌

  • it was a negative for me :(

  • Awwhh Myah, I would definitely test again like septemberberry said everyones body is different and will respond at different times xxxxx

  • Laura if your 14dpo it could be AF or could be spotting. Most common implantation takes place at 6-9dpo but not everyone is the same. 

    I'd take a test, a sensitive one would be the best bet. 

    Fingers crossed for you!! 

    I'm 5dpo today, nearing the point where symptons might start to show up which I'm excited for!


  • image


    is this an evap line or an ubee faint something else?

  • I'll wait now until after missed period. I couldn't get a Frer so used a clear blue which I've heard mixed reviewed about! 

    Not going to get my hopes up now but will keep you all updated when I test on Thursday! Xx

  • Simmo I can't really see much. How many dpo are you? 

    Myah I've heard the same but I'm dubious. I'm sure they wouldn't be such a popular brand (and expensive too) if they were as unreliable as people make them out to be.

    Fingers crossed! 


  • Myah I'm so sorry! hopef it's just too soon to tell. 

    Simmo sorry but I don't see anything. 😕

  • fingers crossed for you myah! I've heard both positive and negative about clear blue, heard good things about first response, not tried them myself before. 

    Hoping it's not Af, I have bled on and off for 2 days just spotting and light bleed. My emotions are all over the place, I was angry and then cried with about 3 minutes haha 

    I will test after my period is due to be sure. 

    I'm sorry simmo I can't see anything either but maybe if you test again it may be clearer :) xx

  • No it is negative,oh well 😏 but good luck ladies! Xx

  • Hows everyones wait going?

    Simmo ... did you test again?

    Laura did you test yet?

    This nipple pain is intense ... If my body is just playing tricks on me its being extremely mean!! 

  • I hear ya lol I had ridiculous nipple pain especially in the 1, no I haven't tested again as today I had blood in discharge earlier after dtd  so af should be well and truly here in the next 2 days x

  • Hello! 

    No I havent tested yet. 

    I complete agree on that, my body is being completely mean if not! Its being awful, sore boobs (never have them with af) spotting, terrible mood swings, feeling sick :( so not fair if not :( 

    Two of my facebook friends have just announced pregnancies today too, just keep thinking hope that's me soon! Xxx

  • AF isn't due till the 13th but I've had a period like cramping all day it's really strange hope it's not an early AF x

  • You can have cramps in early pregnancy so try not to stress to much! Xx

  • Your not out till af turns up xx you never know x

  • Hoping that's what my cramps are too! fingers crossed girls! X

  • I'm hoping it's not AF but I've not had any other symptoms trying not to stress x

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