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Testing around VDay!?



  • Babimama I see a faint line too, hopefully if you do s test in the morning with your first of the day or maybe wait a few days? :) 

    I'm expecting af today so resisting the urge to test for a few days so at least then Im giving myself a bit more time. Just can't wait! Feel like I need to know either way! Xxxxxx

  • Well, looks like AF is here. I'm kind of relieved that at least my cycle is regular again. We will just have to keep trying! 

  • So i think my eyes are playing tricks or I'm see what I want so badly to be there.. so I need some fresh eyes. I took this clear blue test today which is 13 or 14dpo and Aunt Flo should arrive today or tomorrow



  • Hi, posting here for the first time (smile) , honestly I can't see any line but don't lose hope until the witch shows up.fingers crossed for you hun.

    Also did one today and it was bfn yet i got 2 very faint lines on dpo 9 and 10, now dpo 12 so confusing but I think am going to wait until af is late.

  • Thank you! Good luck to you too. That sounds frustrating and confusin. 

  • Welcome ladies!! 

    It really is unfortunate that early pregnancy symptoms are so similar to PMS. I have compared my symptoms and they are more lining up with PMS, as I think it's definitely too early to be getting these certain symptoms. 

    I caved and tested this morning and it's negative. I'm a bit relieved, at least the wait is over, that 2ww/3ww is a killer! I suppose I still may be, but it sounds like I'm more having PMS and AF is due in 2 days. 

    Looks like we'll be trying again! Thanks for being so supportive to all of you! As of now I am just trying to be content in the season of life, it will come when it comes, worrying never makes anything happen faster that's out of your control :) 

  • So did another today and got this just not sure if they are evaporation lines or not image

  • Too true septemberberry,my af is in full flow and abit uncontrolable,but that means I've ovulated so that was my main worry,but onwards and upwards ay! Xx to all of us x

  • True words Septemberberry 💗 

    sending all you ladies lots of luck and hopefully next time we'll have lots of Bfps! :) 

    I can see another line on that one babimama, fingers crossed for you! ️Xx

  • Babi mama1, congratulations that is looks like an obvious line to me.faint but noticeable.update us when you get a darker one.xx

  • Will give an update if the line gets dark ladies not wanting to get my hopes up just in case it's not xx

  • Hi ladies, really need help... Last night I had very bad pain in my pelvis especially on my left side, felt a lot of pressure inside my uterus that I couldn't I couldn't is due tomorrow but I really don't think it will show up because I usually get dry before it comes but this time I have been wet since ov with sticky cloudy/clear cm that is abit stretchy sorry tmi, tested dpo 9 and 10 and got very faint positives but bfn yesterday (not with fmu) so frustrated, don't know what to think and I can't see my doctor till Monday.any one who has ever had the same experience or by help? 

  • Babi I see a line!! it looks like an actual line and not an evap, just always keep the test as flat a shower possible!

    maflower I have not had this experience but I've read about cervical mucus and your situation sounds like what it supposed to happen when you've successfully fallen pregnant. as we've all been discussing though, everyone's body is different so it may take a few more days to get a strong positive. Faint positives are pretty promising though! Some women don't get a positive at 10dpo so test again always with fmu 😘

  • Hello maflower! I've been having similar symptoms, I had pains last weekend and then had spotting over a few days. I still have pains on my right side every so often like a dull pain, I also have been having cm more than usual. AF was due Friday so I'm currently 2 days late, I think I'm just scared of doing a test to be let down again after having so many symptoms (never had tender boobs before or been so emotional!) . 


  • Thank you so much ladies,I still have the pain but hope it leads me to the good was due to day but no sign of it.fx

  • Told you ladies I would give an update well here it is, will be making a doctors appointment this week to confirm it ❤ image

  • Awwh huge congratulations babimama 💗💗xx

  • Thank you lauralouke  ❤ xx

  • Congratulations! So happy to see a bfp!!

  • Babi congrats!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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