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Testing around VDay!?



  • Thank you SeptemberBerry ❤ hope you get your bfp soon x

  • So wonderful to see a BFP on this lovely thread - congratulations Babimama1! Here's our Due in Oct 17 Birth Club if you fancy it. 
    Good luck everyone else here too - we're wishing you baby dust (by the bucket load!)

  • Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing ok :) 

    I have no idea what's going on with me! I'm still having the same symptoms, sore boobs, pains in left and right sides every so often , nausea, mood swings etc and still no AF 😐 I was due last Thursday (ish) and I took a test on Tuesday and it was negative :( so I thought AF would arrive soon but still nothing :/ means I'm currently on a 36 day cycle. Anyone ever had anything like this? 

    Trying to get into my doctors is a nightmare! 


  • LauraL I wish I could help but I haven't a clue! I know our minds can want to be pregnant so badly that our body mocks the symptom and can even delay your period. Mine has yet to show as well, 4 days late. I've already tested and gotten all negatives so I'm testing a final time first thing in the morning. 

    hopefully you are actually preg! Our bodies sure are strange at times! 🙈

  • I know it's so confusing! I just either want AF to show up now or get a BFP just so I know either way! I'm going to test again tomorrow and the day after because then it will be a week that I'm late. 

    Fingers crossed for you too! Xxxxxx

  • Sorry to jump on ladies. Stress etc will delay ovulation not your period. if you are late and not getting a bfp it will be because you ovulated later. The point between OV and period never changes so if you OVd late, theN your period will be later. I have stopped tracking because I was getting worked up and it was delaying when I ovulated. I OV on different days each month sometimes as early as cd11 sometimes as late as cd17. If you are late and getting negatives it may well be because you OVd later and it's still too early. Good luck all x 

  • hi laura,am also experiencing pains in the left and right side of my pelvis,it is dull and gets intense sometimes,am now 1 day late for my periods and am also having backaches.last did a test 12 dpo, still patient though so tired of being so confused. fingers crossed

  • I know exactly how you feel Maflower, I've never been this late before, so confused. I had some spotting nearly 2 weeks ago now too. Just want to know either way xxxxxxx

  • hi ladies am now 3 days late,test this morning came back negative.may be the very faint lines i got were evaps. confused lol.

    lauralauke any update?

  • Hey lovely, I did a test this mornkng too and it was negative :( don't really know what to think still getting symptoms. Had pains last night like AF pains down quite low so I expected it today but nothing. I'm going To book a doctors appointment I think to see if they can shed any light on it xxxxxx

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