Faint Pregnancy Positive

I recently had a miscarriage on October 2nd 7 weeks pregnant. My fiancé and I have been continuously trying as soon as I got the okay to try again. On Saturda, the 28th, I decided to take a pregnancy test, thinking it would come out negative. It turned out being a faint positive, but the line was extremely faint but still able to see it. I decided to take another one the next morning on the 29th, at first there was no positive line until I checked it an hour later (which I know you're not supposed to do) but there was an even fainted line than the day before. I took one again later that evening, one of the digital clearblues and it came out as not pregnant. We were confused since we had two positives, so I took two the next day, again two super faint positive lines that you can only see if you use and flashlight and look very carefully. I then took another this morning, and am still getting a very faint line. I'm not sure if I am or what to do really. 


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