Help! 28 dpo and line shows up on HPT after time frame! Evap or BFP?

So... AF is just over 2 weeks late! Surely if I was pregnant it has been long enough now for the HPT to show positive. I've done three (2 Tesco and 1 Clear Blue- not digi) but nothing shows up in the time frame. Just checked yesterdays Tesco tests and both have a really faint thin line now... from what I can see it looks blue? 

Does this look like an evap line to you guys? It was hours after I tested!



  • Although it does look more blue in real life! 

  • imageam 3 days late took this test last night but today the line is gone ave done a few more test today in they have come back negative am so confused too 

  • did the line show up in the time frame? If so I think it should be positive... looks it to me! Try your first morning wee, it might be a darker line!

  • That's definitely an evap line am afraid baffled. Anything after the timeframe must be discarded. You can't be 28 dpo.... maximum luteal phase is generally 16 days... 

    did you track ovulation? OV will always be 2 weeks before your period arrives. If you OV late, period will be late. 

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