Seven sea trying for a baby tables

Hello ladies i was wondering if any one who is on the seven sea trying for a baby 

Yesterday ive only started and I was wondering if it works to get pregnant many thanks


  • Hi Butterfly,

    I've just ordered some seven seas, they should be delivered tomorrow or Monday so haven't started them yet, would be good to know other people's opinions on them. How long have you been trying for?

  • There is thread on here dedicated to taking seven seas... they didn't work for me.... they extended my cycle which I didn't need doing so I stopped them. 

  • Just to add butterfly. Just going off some of your previous posts you will be better off working out your cycle and how it all works and when your ovulation happens. You can't get pregnant unless you have you ovulated. You need to track your ovulation and make sure you are having sex during your fertile window. onice you know when you have ovulated you will know when to expect your af. By being more aware of your cycle you will be able to relax more and not stress about every little thing. Stress can delay ovulation, so do some research and try and relax. For example if you have a 28 day cycle, your fertile window is likely to be from day 10 onwards with ovulation occurring around day 14. Good luck 

  • Hi there. 

    Mum on my first month of SS and wondered if you have had any luck? 

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