So last month I full on obsessed about conception. I did the ovulation kits and about 6 pregnancy tests coming up to and on the day my period was due. I had every symptom going. I was so sure i was pregnant and I dread to think how much I spent on kits and tests. Only to be disappointed when my period arrived right on time. I think it's so easy to become obsessed and get carried away convincing ourselves we must be.  I see so many on here post pics of tests that are clear as day negative. I think if u need to add a filter on the pic to show the line (which I still don't see ) then the chances are it's your mind playing tricks on you because u want it so bad. I even found myself putting my negative tests in certain lights hoping to see a shadow or something that wud give me hope. Once I came on I realised why the hell am I tormenting myself like that. So my advise ladies is sit back and relax.  Do the deed every other day and when it's meant to be it will happen xxx I'm now on month 10 of trying and I haven't bothered witH kits. I know I'm in my fertile windows now so the fella is getting Plent of action. I won't buy a pregnancy test unless I'm late. I think the key here is just relax and stop obsessing xxxxx


  • I hear you. I had a MMC in October and everyone kept saying 'you'll get pregnant again straight away' which I havent. I am now next level obsessed with getting pregant and took 4 pregnancy tests just in one weekend.

    I am on these types of sites contstantly googling and reading up on stuff. It is getting out of hand. I am not sure if its delayed grief I am experiencing or what but its not healthy. No idea how to stop.

    Like you I wont be using the OPK next month as it sends me crazy. My cycle is very regular so I know when I am ovulating. Everyone around me is getting pregnant. I dont know anyone thats had a MMC so its a very lonely experience.

    If anyone can offer advice on how to stop the obsessive-ness I am all ears as it is having an affect on my relationship with my OH.x

  • I've just posted a sinil thread. I'm driving myself insane 😔

  • Ur not the only one ladies so at least u know it's  totally normal to feel like this xxx  it's so easy to become obsessed and I think that's when it NEVER happens. I think the real key is to forget "trying" and just have regular sex take the vitamins and it will happen when we r not stressed and thinking about it xxx

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