I can't tell if there is a line?

I was to have my period 4 days ago and it never came I took a first response yesterday morning and I saw a very faint line but it was around the 4-5min mark but today when I took a clearblue test it was completely negative. I have very very regular periods. The only symptoms of pregnancy I've had if I even am are like period cramps where it's an uncomfortable pressure, I'm running to the bathroom all day, I'm a bit moody, and I feel very slightly nauseous but not like I'm going to get sick. Any advice I'm a bit worried :(



  • I cant see a positive result on either of those. Do you track your ovulation? If so, if this was late then in turn it will cause your period to come late x

  • I have it came around the 17th :( I'm not really sure what to do..

  • i think I can see a positive line on the pink test. Do let us know what the result turned out to be

  • I can see a line on the first response test. Clear blue is less sensitive so there is a chance you are not enough dpo yet for a clear result.  Based on the faintness I would try and wait a couple of days and do another first response with morning wee and it should give a clearer answer either way. Good luck! 

  • Agree with purple. Those CB tests aren't very sensitive x

  • Your pregnant Lol Clear As DayPink Lines Yes even Light Ones Are Always Positive!

  • Is there something on this test? I don't think there is ximageimage

  • Update: it was positive when I did the first response again Saturday but ended up having a miscarriage...☹️

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