Thin line on test?

Hi everyone,

I need a bit of advice– and just to note, I'm not trying to concieve, I'm just confused about the test I've taken. For the past week, I've been in a pretty foul mood and emotional. My last period started on the 15th last month, and lasted for about 5 days. I had sex a couple of days after it finished, and we used the pull out method, which I can't say was really successful. We've had protected sex a few times since. 

Earlier this week I had cramping/pressure in my lower abdomen, and I don't think it was ovulation pain because I was supposed to have ovulated at that point. It lasted about a day or two. I was having a couple of headaches and felt a bit nauseous. So, I took a test. 

Straight away a faint but clear thin blue line showed up on the test, showing a '+' sign. I know that it's supposed to be a similar width to the horizontal line, but I think I could see the thickness of the rest of the line, but it was just very faint.

I know some people would argue that what I've seen is an evap line, but it showed up straight away, I could see colour on the line and I discarded the test after 10 minutes. Also, I have tested positive in the past, and have found that there was a darker side to the width of the line on the '+'.

So, thoughts? I'll be testing again in a couple of days 


  • If u came from on on the 15th Jan then ur period isn't due till middle of Feb so way too soon to test positive even if u were x

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