Implantation bleed? Negative result?

I came off the pill november 2016 and have had regular periods around the 28 day cycle. I have been ttc since then but no luck. Last week i started bleeding day 20 into my cycle 8 days before expected period and it lasted for 3 days no pains at all but was red/pink blood and medium flow for the first day then went to brown blood when i wiped. I thought this might have been a implantation bleed but took a pregnancy test the day before my period and came back negative.

Could this have been a implantation bleed or could it be my period that came early due to coming off the pill although this would have been my 3rd period and the others were fine?

I will wait to see if my period arrives but if not then i will test again.


  • Hi, I'm after advice regarding implantation also....hope I've come to the right place.

    I came off the pill on November after being on it for 4 years following the birth of my little boy. I had what I thought was a period a week or so later however I think this may have just been a withdrawal bleed? This ended on 1st December. I then got a regular period on 4th is this my cycle length or does a withdrawal bleed not count? 

    I was ovulating on 19th/20th January. 

    On Monday I started a very light bleed which was more like spotting. Pink/light brown and very light. Not like a regular period and only lasted a day or so. After looking online it sounded like an implantation bleed and the dates seemed about right. They say 10 days after ovulation where a period is 14 days after ovulation. I have done daily pregnancy tests since Monday and all have been negative however werent sure if I was just testing too early due to time between withdrawal bleed and first proper period? 

    Yesterday I started bleeding again however this time bright red and overnight really really heavy (without going into too much detail, sorry) so is this my regular period? If so what was spotting a few days ago? Also had bad cramps as well which don't usually get however this may be due to being on the pill in the past. 

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you 

  • Hi, the bleed you had a week after coming off the pill was most likely a withdrawal bleed and is not classed as a normal period.

    Keep a note of when your cycle will start and ovalation days as it will help you work it out when you are confused.

    Sounds like your body was trying to let you know that your period was due which could of easily been mistaken for a implantation bleed but after saying you had a heavy bleed with bad cramps tell me that it most likely is your normal cycle.

  • Thanks for your response.

    I have been keeping a record of my periods and positive ovulation tests.

    I will work my cycle length out from 4th January to yesterday when started my "proper" period and go from there....

    Thanks for the advice xx 

  • What about these ovulation tests? As far as they are accurate, my husband and I are now trying to conceive a child, but that does not work. I began to worry, we were to doctors, both are not barren, everything is physically good. I started reading about pregnancy (this should be my first one) and stumbled upon these very ovulation tests, as far as I understood from the reviews(also I do not know which to pick up, are you know some good and accurate? Watched through some options here but I am not sure they are really good) and descriptions - they help determine the most suitable time for conception. I am just 21 years old I was not particularly interested in, so now in some confusion. Whether there are any actions which help or assist to become pregnant, the diet or anything else? I will be grateful for the advice. 

  • All you can do is make sure you're having sex during fertile time. When you ovulate the egg only lives for 12-24 hours so need to make sure there is sperm to fertilise the egg. It takes up to 6 hours for the sperm to swim up so best to dtd before ovulation and the day of. 

    Thats all really, the rest is just down to chance unfortunately 

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