hi, so I've posted here a few times about having some issues ttc. now for the last two months my period has been strange. Last month it was 6 days late then for the first 2 days it was very heavy then practically nothing for the next 2 days. Then this month it's 4 days late and more or less the same. Very heavy first 2 days now very little for the next 2. Im usually very regular and usual last for 7 days with normal blessing. Just wondering if this is normal or could be down to stress? Had a very sick family member pass away last week so maybe that's affected it? Not sure what to think. 


  • Your period will only be "late" if you ovulate late. Stress can delay ovulation though. 

  • So like me if Ive not had a period yet this cycle which is 7+2 days then mice not ovulated? I've been getting some eggy discharge since about 10-12 days ago but in and off with a spot of milky stuff but before that there's wasnithibg since my last period x

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