Faint line that fade after 10 mins

Hi i have PCOS i had my first period in over a year in December i remeber before my cycle is long cant remember how long though. I havent not come back on since however breast are so sore and feel very naucious. I took a test expecting to get a brilliant white but could see and faint line almost instantly which faded after 10 mins. I also have had slight spotting six weeks after my period started (wednesday just gone) my son started as a faint line 4 years ago. So really just want to know.

Is it a faint pos or evap?

And it faded after 10 mins and i know your not supposed to read it after 10 but do you think it was just a fluke?

Pic attached!!

Honest advice or experiences appreiated 😊

Thank you in advance. 


I have tried to tweak oneimage

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