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Hey I'm completely new to this so please accept my ignorance! I've been on the combined pill for a few years, and stopped taking the pill 11 days ago. I had a withdrawal bleed for 4 days (a couple of days later). We've been having sex every other day & I've been taking my temp every day but no obvious signs of anything. Unfortunately I have no idea when I'm ovulating...until I have a proper period! Yesterday I felt these strange twinges like butterflies in my lower belly, and felt very bloated! This morning I had a little bit of pink blood after intercourse. Am I getting myself at it? Surely I can't get pregnAnt 11 days after stopping my pill? I don't want to do a test yet as I feel it's way too early & am just waiting for my first proper period! Any advice/experiences would be great! I'm 28 years old, and this is my first time at trying! 

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