17 days late all negative confused?

hi, I previously had 1 and 1 only depot shot 7 months ago, I've been off it for 4 months now, and always had a period, it may have lasted longer but it was always there. Now it's not here, I'm 17 days late and have never had this. I've done 3 tests, one 7days late, another 8days late and another 10 days late all negative. Getting confused? 🤔 I didn't feel pregnant, but now, I'm starting to feel sick and I'm bloating up loads, which on my previous pregnancy was the main symptoms. Not sure what to do, do you think I should go to the doctors? Or take another test? Or is it still the effects of the depo? Even though it has never effected my period even when I was on it? Any response would be great thanks 🙂


  • It's hard to say, could be that you missed your ovulation this month?

    I would test again then contact doctor if still negative.

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