Obsessed with getting pregnant

I know this will sound crazy but here goes. 

My partner and I have been in a relationship for a year, after a bought of illness we discovered that I was unexpectedly pregnant. 

I was referred by my gp (prior to my first midwife appointment) for an early pregnancy scan due to having a bleed. I was scanned and the pregnancy viable at 8 weeks pregnant, however I was told that the pregnancy sac was measuring small so to return a fortnight later for another scan. 

During my second scan my partner and I were told were told that I had miscarried but that the pregnancy was in tact, I had a D&C that week to remove the pregnancy.

From Dec 7th I bled for 4 days (and resumed normal sexual intercourse with my partner from from then on) I didn't have a 'period' until 24th of Jan which lasted 5 days (despite my period being due on the 6th of each month) I calculated that I should now be ovulating. However today (the date my period normally comes) I have experienced some light pink spotting and tightening sensations in my stomach. I don't know if this is me ovulating or the beginning or a period. 

Im obsessing over becoming pregnant, I feel o have nobody to talk to about how much this is running my life. I haven't had any sort of post op check through my gp or hospital and I feel a little forgotten about. I am desperate to get pregnant and whilst I don't feel overly stressed about it I have found that I am constantly checking period dates/ovulation dates/peeing on strips and falling asleep holding my imaginary bump. 

What is is wrong with me? Is it too soon? Am I puting too much pressure on myself? ☹️

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