Confusing signs, any advice would be great

Hello ladies. 
I need some help from you. 
I'm almost 24, my fiancée is 37.
We've been trying to TTC for 5 months now. 
I'm an usual spotter before AF (a week or so) and it's driving me crazy cause I always hope it's IB. 
This month I had a doc's appointment on 26th at 9PM and had an echo exactly before I was about to ovulate, so we'd BD the next day and the day after (also 2 days before O) so I thought this definitely will be our month. 
So this happened after O:
dpo 2- now > sore boobs(sorry TMI) which I usually don't have, sometimes not even on my period, 
dpo 3 - now> cramps and bloating,
dpo 6 some Yellowish cm (sorry for TMI, again!), 
dpo 8 Pink CM, 
dpo 9 brown cm, 
dpo 10 a small spot of bright red blood after BD 
dpo 11 (today) I've decided to POAS. I was really confident because of the cramps, sore boobs and CM that I was pregnant. 
Got a BFN at 8 in the morning, at 10 I've spotted watery brown and at 12 I got some red kinda dark blood, not a flow but enough to wear a pad and turned into brown at night.  I'm very nauseous and my breasts are killing me with pain!
I am so sorry again for TMI. 
What the.. Is happening? Could AF start 6 days earlier? I'm usually regular, 27-29. 
I could use some advice. 
Baby dust to all image

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