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  • Hi all,

    i have had two miscarriages last year. Two weeks ago I did a preg test and been having all symproms that's why I have attempted to do the preg test. After two weeks I noticed I'm having a mini period does this mean I'm not pregnant ? I feel like giving up. I have a gp appointment on Monday 

  • looks positive to me, the mini period could be implantation bleeding. do another test and see if you still get a strong positive. good luck x

  • imageI'm still having pinkish to mild reddish period bleed I took another preg test but to me it looks faint and don't know maybe I'm not. I'm going  see the doc tomorrow . Thx for ur reply dear .

  • Well to be honest it doesn't look any darker OR fainter than the first test, keep positive dear. Good luck with the doctor x

  • Thx for all the support it really helps x

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