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Spotting CD23

hi guys just wandering if anyone else has had anything similar to this, I normally have a normal 28 day cycle, but this month on CD 23 I started spotting light brown, a today (CD24) it was dark brown but not enough to fill a panty liner but now there is nothing? Has anyone else had this before? Could it be implantation bleeding? Any help would be great :). Xx


  • Hello. It could be IB but also could just be AF coming early. My AF always starts with a bit of brown spotting a few days before and spotting has started as early as CD21 (out of 26 day cycle), before AF arrives properly. I did however find out Im PG this month and also having a bit of spotting, but this is very very minimal and very light pink. Also good to know IB can vary in heaviness and sometimes it happens before BFP or way after. Good luck x

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