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Help please

My period should be starting in two days.  Every time I wipe when I go to the bathroom I see little to no blood and it is pink. I few times it looked like my period was about to start but that shouldn't happen. For two days. I have s small amount of lower back pain my breasts feel full. And I taste metal in my mouth I tested on the 20th of this month and it was  negative. Could I be pregnant please help 


  • If your period is due in 2 days then testing 7 days ago would of been far too early to get an accurate result. 

    If using an early test you may see a result 4 days before your period is due but not 9 days.  Try testing again tomorrow with first wee of the day and you should get a better result either way. Or if you can wait test again the day after your period is due. Good luck !

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