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Going off BCP mid-pack?

Hi Ladies,

I went off of my BCP mid-pack at the start of the 3rd week (February 7th). I had breakthrough bleeding on (February 8 & 9). I did not get my expected period after quitting the pill which was supposed to occur on (February 12). Before starting the BCP my period was very regular and ran about a 28 day cycle. I tried taking a pregnancy test today (February 26) and it was negative. When would I start ovulating? should I start over tracking my period at the beginning of my first true period? I do not know too much about TTC and am wondering how to plan a pregnancy?


  • With a 28 day cycle you would ovulate around day 14. You should count the first day of your period as day 1. testing on day 26 would Have been too early to do a pg test. Good luck

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