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Unsure of what's happening

started spotting 11 dpo 3 days before my af due. It was a very pale pink small amount only when I wiped. This continued for 3 days like this. The day my af was due (14 dpo) the spotting was a mixture of pale pink or a light brown again small amount and only when I wiped. This continued for 2 days - no pad/liner needed. I had s sore breasts and a very mild cramping in lower stomach not really noticeable more like butterfly feeling I had nausea fatigue for about a week prior to the spotting and until 3 days after my af was due.

my af did not start on the day it was due but 3 days later after the brown/pink spotting I noticed a spot of dark red blood on my panties but when I wiped nothing until about 6 hours later I started to bleed dark red blood then got lighter it seemed more watery then my usual af and usually get really bad cramps with my af they are still mild and this is not day 7 since I started spotting the the bleeding which was moderate yesterday is lighter like towards end of af and in the last couple of hours I have started to bloat 

this has never happened before with the spotting and my af is like clock work no matter

whats going on? 


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