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5dpo, cm feels like cotton wool around cervix?

Basically it's all in the Title!
I am 5dpo (OPK and CP) and this afternoon I went to check my CP and I've NEVER had this before in the whole 3 years of checking it... It's like sticking my finger into a ball of cotton wool!?
I don't understand!
CP is M, S, C.

Anyone have any clue what this could be? I've got no itching, cm is white not coloured and breaks easily between my fingers like usual, it just feels thicker and softer rather than the usual silky and thin/watery?

Could this be a symptom of high progesterone? I'm sure if you have high pro, you get seriously painful breasts? I have no pain in my breasts at all, occasional pinches near my armpits like usual, and the only other 'symptoms' I'm having is just a weird full feeling in lower abdomen about 3" above bikini line and bad gas?

Any ideas? :)

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