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more detailed help please

i had unprotected sex on the 21st of January and he did not pull out. i had a very light bleeding on the 27th it was pink and was heavy for 2 days and on 1st of February i had a lot of clear stretchy discharge with very little to no blood. i had no cramps. Starting on the 11th of this month my breasts got tender and my areolas have gotten a little larger. i also have to urinate much more and i have a metallic taste in my mouth and have been more thirsy and tired an usaul. i had untrotected sex on the 7th and 8th of February. my period is supposed to start on the 28th of every month but it started on the 26th this month it was very light it has been heavy ever since yesterday evening i. i had two blood clots the size of a quarter yesterday night. i have very little cramps and it is bright red and very watery with small blood clots now. what may this be? could i be pregnant?

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