BFP or Evap?


I took 2 Tesco tests today and got 2 thin blue lines. It says results in a minute which seems very quick to me, I read the instructions and it said don't read after 10 minutes. I got my results within 5-10 min I would say. AF was due today, had backache,breasts ache and funny twinges in my ovary area. I had a misscarriage in Feb so really scared to get my hopes up. image xx


  • Can't see anything sorry. 

  • Can see more on bottom one, it's so clear but I'm struggling to get a picture xx 

  • Can't really see anything, sort of see a thin line which would be evap. Haven't heard great things re these tests, sorry hun. Was AF due today, did you confirm when you ovulated?

  • Keep trying to get a better photo hun, AF was due today sure I ovulated on 8th xx image

  • Also it is defienetly a blue line looks a bit discoloured on photo x 

  • I can see the line your talking about, but my concern is it's a bit skinny and usually on blue dye tests the evaps come up blue and skinny. Annoying but best to do a test with a different brand tomorrow or day after? Try a FRER or Superdrug? positive that AF hasnt came x

  • Annoying isn't it... I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I'm going to nip to Tesco in the Morning before work and try a different one, only thing is I don't like clear blue I never tested positive on them until I was probably 6 weeks last time and I can't get FRER everywhere near me, I like them too but there out of stock in chemist checked tonight x

  • AF arrived about an hour ago 😭 can't believe how evil them evap lines are. I think going forward I'm going to keep a track of my periods but I need to try and focus on something else and try to stop obsessing x

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