Am i pregnant???

Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 4 months,  iv taken two test today one in the morning which was a sainsburys test and one in the afternoon which was a clear blue.  My tests came back positive??  Iv got a clear blue digital to take tomorrow morning,  can anyone gibe me their opinions on whether im pregnant or not?  Thank you!! :) image


  • The clear blue looks negative and the Sainsbury's one looks like an evap line sorry (the one is thin and off centre)

    A digital isn't as sensitive so please don't waste that.

    When is your period due? Many women on here don't like the blue dye tests, if you aren't due yet try and wait a few days and test with first morning urine and preferably a pink dye test.

    Good luck

  • Welcome to MadeForMums Anniepie616 and aren't those digital tests brilliant! Congratulations! We've just kicked off our Due in March 2018 birth club if you fancy checking it out. 

  • Congratulations lovely, I just wanted to know how many days past ovulation did you test? i have done several clearblue early detection test and there is a faint line but I did a digital 2 days ago or so and it said negative, I was told digital ones aren't as sensitive as the non digital ones so I'm just super nervous lol 

  • Looked positive to me and there's your answer!! 😃 Congratulations 🎉✨🎉

  • Thank you! First baby,  So excited!! :) 

  • Hey,  all i can tell you is that I left it until the end of the month as that is when i have been having my periods,  i tested on the 26th and 27th then early this morning i used the digital and got 'pregnant' :) sorry if its not much help to you 

  • Thank you!!! :)  🎉 

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