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Implantation bleeding or period?

Hi all,

For the past week I have been experiencing nausea, bloating, hot flushes, some pelvic cramps, but nowhere near as intense as when I'm on my period and have only lasted a minute at most each time, awful back pain really low down and feeling absolutely exhausted no matter how much I sleep. I am due on my period on Tues, but yesterday started bleeding. I wouldn't call it spotting, but its much lighter than my period ever has been, and I have had none of my usual period symptoms (really bad stomach cramps and awful mood swings are my usual). It's been quite bright red in colour today, but literally only noticed it at first when I'd wiped from going for a wee!!

I have read so many articles about IB and what it's meant to look like, how to differentiate between IB and your period, and it's so confusing!! I'm just looking for some advice from those that have experienced IB before. I'll take a test on Tues morning but the wait is driving me insane!! Thanks in advance to any advice given :)


  • Really hard to tell hun. What cycle day are you on? If it is implantation bleeding it probably won't show as a positive on a test until 4 days later. 

    Only thing you can really do is see how it progresses. 

    Good luck

  • On average my cycle is 32 days long, and Im currently on day 30. All the years I've had periods, they've never been early. Quite luckily they've always been like clockwork. I'm trying to figure out what is going on, but trying not to get my hopes up too much.

  • I had IB with my daughter, that was years ago! Me and DH had decided then to try for a baby. I was then very regular with af and according to my calculations then I had no chance to get pregnant on the cycle I was on, so got ready for the next cycle to start trying. We still DTD though without any protection.

    A week later I had what I thought it was af, I did not pay much attention to it, it was probably lighter, but it wasn't completely weird, definitely not only spotting.

    4 weeks later I had nausea that would last for days. I thought it was too early to test for pregnancy, but when af did not show I tested and had a BFP! 

    I only found out about my IB as when I went for my 2 month scan the Dr told me I was 3 months pregnant! I told the Dr that I had af and the she explained what IB was.... I must have ovulated late on that cycle hence why I got pregnant despite my silly maths lol

    I thought that getting pregnant was super easy! And now trying for number two and realising it is not that easy.... Silly me!

  • I've tested today and it was negative :( been to the drs for other issues but spoke to her and she advised to test again in another week if AF hasn't arrived and go back if it is still negative in a week and we'll look into it. Can't believe I've got to wait a whole week :(

  • I was going to tell you to repeat the test in 1 week. If it is a positive it will be a clear one and you will avoid disappointment of getting bfn if testing too soon...

  • Hello all, I hope you can help me. Just with the doubt...

    With my husband we are ttc, and I have a really clock period.I felt all kind of different symptoms last Wednesday 12th, nausea, dizziness, and experienced some spotting. I was due for my AF on Monday 17th, so in my head I thought I might had implantation bleeding. Next Thursday I had the same symptoms but no spotting, my hopes were really high. Friday, spotting again, and it got worst on Saturday, the (sorry) brownish became pink and on Sunday again with my symptoms I had a heavy bleeding. Ok, so it might have been nothing I thought, it was all in my head. The problem is the following. I really don't understand what's happening. My period was totally different from any I had in my life (I'm 32 ys), it got heavier for one day with no big clots but small ones, I felt cramps during Sunday AND Monday, weird... and today, Wednesday I have no more discharge. Considering I am used to have heavy bleeding periods with a length of 6 days minimum this time it felt extremely different. The hpt I took last Thursday was negative. 

    The thing is I'm still experiencing this symptoms, nausea, dizziness, low pressure... I'm tired and fatigued... I am certain now that I am not pregnant, but is it possible I had a chemical pregnancy and still have symptoms? 

  • Were you on any kind of birth control before TTC? Depending on how long you were on it and how your periods were before, it can take some months before your periods go back to normal. 

    ive since been back to docs and she thinks the 1 day bleed I had was in fact my period. 

    I was on BC for two years and didn't have any periods, so that's what the dr thinks is happening with mine at the minute. I had 4 months of regular periods and the last two months have been all over the place. Been for blood tests and stuff to ensure there is nothing else underlying, but she advised that it could just be my periods taking a while to regulate again. Plus TTC is one of the most stressful times in a persons life and stress can knock your periods out of sync too. 

    Hope that helps. 

  • Hi, I'm having a similar problem at the moment, have been ttc for 6 months, af was due Sunday but so far no sign, I have had cramping for 2 days and today a small amount of brown/pink spotting but now my cramping has stopped, I usually get very sore boobs and bad skin the week up to my period but iv had nothing. Iv taken 4 tests over the last week, 2 have been clear negatives, and 2 have had faint lines.

    i have a 3 year old and when I fell pregnant with her I didn't even know for a whole month because id bled and thought it was just a short period, as she wasn't planned I didn't take any notice just popped a tampon in and went off to work! So it's definitely possible to have a normalish bleed when you've conceived! 

  • My IB was the same.... I just popped a Tampon in and all was done with after 2 days.... got a positive 2 weeks later. I did t have clots though and the Cramping I had was nothing like a normal period. 

  • oh really? So it could take longer for me to get a positive result If I am pregnant? I haven't had any clots its just when I wipe after going to the toilet.. and my cramps have been very mild, usually my period cramps wake me up of a night but it's more of just like I tight feeling Ive been having 

  • I had IB with my middle child and it was just spotting for a day. Everyone's body is different and know others who have had almost a period bleed for a day or 2. Sometimes it can be excess blood coming out when everything is closing up for 9 months so to speak x

  • Hello, I am TTC and my period is usually right on schedule, no spotting or cramps. On Thursday I started spotting with cramps and some hints of a backache, and it continued through yesterday. Today it looks like my period but two days early which rarely/never happens...could it be implantation bleeding?

  • Hi ladies, in case it helps I recently got my BFP (YAY!! hoping and praying that you all get yours soon!!). Strangely I didn't have any usual symptoms this time and I started spotting some dark brown/ red discharge 2 days before my expected period. Spotting is now quite common for me so I just took this as my period on it's way, although I did wonder why I was spotting old looking blood. For some strange reason on my expected af date I took a test and saw my first BFP which came up very dark. So there is a chance of having implantation bleeding and/or breakthrough bleeding close to your period. 

  • Hi everyone,

    I hope you don't mind me replying on here, I've never commented on one of these before but I'm really confused ATM and wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? So I've been off the pill for a year and my cycle Is 35 days (sometimes even longer) however this month I worked out we did the deed around the time of ovulation and for the past week my boobs/nipples have been so sore like nothing I've ever had before! & I came on 4 days early but I'm never early! It didn't seem like a normal period though and I normally get period pain the day before but nothing! The pain I got was like in my pelvis & quite painful & I was quite heavy but only for a few days and it stopped (normally on 7 days) 

    I would only normalt be due on today. Do you think I could have had a really early miscarriage? I feel like it was too heavy for IB :(

    thanks xx 

  • Did it turn out to be IB? - I hope so :)

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