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Faint lines on pregnancy test

Hello everyone. My husband and I have been trying to conceive. The last three days my breast have been tingling and sore. I also have been having very bad headaches and been very sleepy. It has been four weeks from the first day or my last mc. I took two pregnancy test and there was an extremely faint line. Does this mean that I am pregnant?imageimage



  • Please if someone could just help me. We've already lost one baby and I don't want to get my hopes up

  • Hi I seem to be having a similar dilemma and Im waiting for some help as well, I can see a line in your positive, have you taken another test yet? Here's a pic of mine.imageimageimage

  • I can def see lines in those tests hun..congrats xx

  • Hi peaches can you see the lines in my test? Not sure whether their evap cause they are thin? 

  • Congratulations girlies!!! I see lines in all photos! Y'all are definitely preggers 😍😍

  • Thankyou so much ❤️🌈

  • Yep can see lines in yours too katejane91 🎉 xx

  • Thankyou so much for replying. I'm so happy you guys can see them but do you know why they would appear so faint? 

  • Please be wary ladies - in my experience, and I have been on here for a year and those look like classic evap / dye runs / false lines  am afraid.

    Its better to use pink dye tests rather than blue ones, as the blue ones are just so unreliable.

    Not saying that they aren't positive, but maybe try a first response as they are pink dyes and super sensitive.

  • I took another test this morning so here it is. Same result different test. imageimage

  • Is there still a slight line that completes the cross? 

  • imageimageimageSorry the last pictures weren't so great. Same test diff lighting. Can you see it 

  • That's a good sign I did another one today and still had the faint line for positive 🤞 For the morning test 

  • Can you see my faint lines too

  • It happened to me when I was 18. I was too young to have babies, but my periods had a week of delay. I was examining my breasts,  even the look on my face. I have read that I pregnant woman must have a dreamful expression. And the test was similar - I couldn't get the result. At the end, my periods started, so I wasn't pregnant. But I am telling you this not to make you sad. Because the next time I got pregnant in an unexpected way. I was trying to conceive for a year, and when I suddenly stopped counting my periods, my husband asked me: 'Are you sure, you are not pregnant, you feel sick for the third day'. And it was true! So, keep hoping, but don't put all your life on it. I hope you gonna be fine and get pregnant with a healthy baby soon! Take care!!!

  • Yes heartsbeats03 I can see the faint lines we have had so many mixed messages I can't wait for tomorrow morning to see if I have another one I was reading on my test info that any coloured line in the same direction as the oval window is a positive no matter How small cause it's the same colour it just means it might be very early stages. I know it could be evap lines and I'm not getting my hopes up but until I get a clear negative I can hope. 

  • All those lines look good :D Keep us posted ladies. 

  • I can see lines on all your tests, fingers crossed for all of you!! I'm going mad with my test this morning.. what do youse think? I'm 6 months ttc now and 2 days late on my period.. imageimage

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