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How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return, Part 9

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return, Part 8 thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

Wishing you all BFP's and baby dust.



  • woop new thread!  Becks i hope this brings you the luck that we normally see with new threads! where are you up to in your cycle? xx

  • Thanks MillP

    Would be a miracle this month I think... Both been ill, we were away over fertile week but didn't really maximise the time  and then on top of that my nan died too on Thursday but CD 25 here and expect the witch on Sunday. 

    Thanks for new thread Danielle. 

  • aww so sorry about your nan becks :-( sending you big big hugs

    it will be your time soon i'm sure xxx

  • Sorry to hear about your nan Becks. You will get your bfp soon enough, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. 

  • So sorry to hear about your nan Becks. 

    It only takes one time so don't count yourself out. Fingers crossed the new thread magic gets you.

    Sio lovely photo. Sorry to hear about the infection. Hope your both home soon and glad to hear Cian is a good baby. Keeping my fingers crossed he carries on like that for you :)

  • Becks sorry to hear your sad news, you are due some good news soon so hoping the new thread luck comes your way (it only takes the once to get lucky)!

  • Sorry to hear your sad news becks. They say from a sad loss brings a new life....x

    so glad to hear you are getting the support you deserve sio. Make sure you take all the help you can get.  You went through alot. As did your poor oh. Think people forget that they go through so much - firstly they see their oh in pain and can't do anything and secondly they see a lot more than we realise happened! My oh says he'll never forget the feeling!  Poor chaps.. 

    loubylou that time will fly by x

  • Thanks ladies

    All feels a bit surreal at the minute, my brother has found it very hard, my sister has had to arrange to fly back from Australia for the funeral so I'm trying hold my mum, brother and sister together.  Odd for me as I used to do her cleaning and chores every week so will have to keep busy now to fill that void.

    At least this month I haven't drove myself crazy wondering what every little thing is haha

    Hope you are home Sio or close to being allowed home 

  • Hope your all bearing up becks. 

    Hoping your all home and settling in nicely Sio. 

  • My brother has taken it hard. I've wrote a poem for the funeral but can't even read it at home to myself so no idea how I will read it out on the day but will get there. 

    CD2 here as surprise she came, bit surprised she came bang on time with everything that has gone on this month so least cycles are regular.

    How is everyone? 

  • image

    Hi ladies

    sorry I've not been on. Just settling into home life. We finally got home last Thursday night. I'm like a walking chemist I'm on that many tablets. Cian doing well. He's putting on weight and liking his home. Of course we've hit a few hurdles but trying to get over them. One been he didn't poo for a few days, we found out cooked boiled water helps. We now are trying to deal with trapped wind. Ended up walking the floors with him last night to high piercing screams. But look we will get there. It's all a learning curve. Mostly we are supporting one another won't lie though have done the whole snapping at each other bit too lol. Cian though is mostly a great baby and we love him loads. He has everyone wrapped around his fingers 

    becks so sorry to hear about your nan. It's a hard time. Take each day as it comes. Boo to the witch turning up but on the upside great she was on time. 

    Hope everyone is doing great otherwise. Sorry I haven't read all the messages. Will get on soon again and catch up. I'm just finding out how much time these bubbas consume 😂image

  • Glad you are home and settling in well sio. Sorry Cian has had trapped wind and trouble pooping. I think all babies go through it at some point but these things don't last forever. Have you tried some infacol before his bottle? It's supposed to help them with wind and I believe it is suitable from birth too. 

    What was Cians birth weight? Sorry if you said and I missed it! 

    We're all good here :-) Jenson's turning into a typical boy and is just constantly on the go. However he still hasnt got the control needed for lots of things so we've had a few knocks and bumps 🙈 i can't remember if I said, but he's done a few steps using his walker now completely unaided by us! And he will happily walk along quite far holding our hands so I'm reckoning he will be an early walker. He is 7 months on Thursday! Not sure where the time has gone. 

    hope everyone else is ok xx


  • So much cuteness in these photos Sio and MillP! Adorable little boys 

    Cycles seemed to have settled quickly which I am pleased with, just need one now where she doesn't arrive .

    Sio am sure every couple has had the snapping moments with or without a new baby. Learning curve for you all 

  • O becks, I really feel for you.

    Glad your home Sio. Wind is awful. I've used infacol a couple of times and found it went straight through both of my kids so might end up helping with the constipation problem too! Some people swear by the old fashioned gripe water but I think that's from 4 weeks old. I've never used it myself though.

    Millp. My boy was the same. He was walking confidently by 10 months. He never crawled. 

    The time does just fly doesn't it. 

  • MillP definitely an early walker there! Lovely photo 💙

    Sio your little Cian is so sweet!  Love the L plate top!  We used Infacol with Oliver but it didn't help much but then started adding coleif into his milk and it made a massive difference!  I used to worry if we didn't get a poopy nappy for a day or two but HV kept saying unless it goes over a week don't worry.  Sure enough after a few days he would just explode! Ha ha I don't miss those poonami's!  Mind you we are having the same issue with Oliver now since swapping to cows milk and more solid food.  He goes every day but he is in so much agony it's heartbreaking a it's like a hard pebble and sometimes cuts him.  Went to doctor last week and he is on stool softners now so just waiting for them to kick in, might be a poonami brewing as I type :-/

  • Aww lovely photos Sio. Glad your back home and settling in. We used gripe water and found it helped. Same as what kez said though it went straight through Aiden! Have you tried bicycle legs too? It helps ease trapped wind and constipation. 

    Wow MillP that's great. Well done Jenson! 

    Aww rustic, poor Oliver. Hope the softeners work soon for him, There's nothing worse than seeing them struggling and not being able to help.

    First day back at work tomorrow. Dreading it for 2 reasons. Leaving Aiden (but luckily hes with my parents!) and because I still feel awful. The sickness, dizziness and fatigue is really bad this time and only my boss knows so far so I need to try and hide it. People are actually starting to get worried about me because I look so awful! Lost even more weight and my face is so drawn but don't think they will be expecting the pregnancy announcement this soon! 

  • Good luck Dinky,hope the distraction of work helps with the sickness!  How long to go till you will tell people. Just blame it on a bug you picked up from a baby group for now :-)

  • Good luck today dinky, hope it goes ok xx

    rustic, I hope the softeners work for Oliver soon, bless him :-( 

    becks, glad your cycles seem to have settled down now. Everything crossed for you this month 


  • Good luck today dinky! Not long until mat leave again. Are you counting down the days? 

    Welcome home sio. the first 6 weeks is all about survival! Say yes to any offers of help as they dwindle pretty quick after that 😉

    Poor oliver, awful to see them struggling. Hope the softeners work quickly. Sio don't panic about cian not going. Bradley's 9 months now and only goes every 9-15 days. ive had him checked several times and they said some babies just utilise food more 

    go jenson! How advanced is he!! That's amazing millp

    had our 12 week scan yesterday and got fast tracked by 6 days so 13 weeks today 😬 Was so lovely seeing the little one wriggle around. Was delighted to be fast tracked as surly that means the sickness will stop sooner right 😉

  • Glad the scan went well beu! When does that make your due date? 

    I wish Jenson only went every 9-15 days! He does several a day! I thought he'd slow down when he started weaning but if anything they got more frequent 🤦🏼‍♀️ X

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