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trying to conceive with existing endometriosis

Hello all! My husband and I recently have decided get off BC (after almost 9 years) and to try to get pregnant due to the fear of me having endometriosis and reoccuring cysts and fibroids that keeping us from being able to get pregnant later on. I am certainly pretty anxious about the idea of me being infertile. but during my most recent O we did try to conceive and now that I am 6 days out past that I have a pretty consistant dull cramp in my lower abdomen. I've read a lot on it and am not sure if I am just getting my hopes up and it is actually the start of AF or is it could possibly be implantation cramping.  Is there advice or anyone else experience this cramping this soon? Any help/advice is much appreciated!! Thank you! 


  • I tend to cramp pretty much the whole way through my two week wait, so it is pretty normal, so try not to stress x

  • the two week wait until your period? sorry just new to this whole thing since ive been on BC for such a long time haha. 

  • Once you have ovulated it will be approx 2 weeks until your period so it's called the 2 week wait. If you ov later your period will be later and vice versa as the point between ov and AF doesn't change. 

  • Yes, I had cramps during my 2ww too. Some people have it too. Try not to get stressed.. have some stretching and relaxation x

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