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Early period or implantation ????

hi, so I've always been very regular with my periods and also have cramps, feeling hot and bloated. But this time im 4 days early for my period, started with bloating, brown spotting then the following day heavier bleed but I've only had bloating and a small bit on cramplong for the first evening then it went away, also not as much cloting as before. Not sure if anyone has had this before and what was the outcome ??


  • Hi Daniimay, 

    I have had this for the last 3 months, i usually get my af on a wed (nice and regular) then i started having spotting on the sat/sun, then nothing for a couple of days and then af would come along, but each time the gap between spotting and af is a day sooner. This month i got my spotting sat/sun. then monday i still had some spotting and then full flow. took me by surprise!! I'm not sure what is happening. 

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