Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 12

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  • I've just done a pregnancy test and got a negative, it's been 5 days since I started bleeding, I'm a bit surprised it was negative i thought it would of taken a bit longer to come out of my system 

  • That's a positive thing, your body has dealt with it all quickly and naturally  :-) 

  • Mummytolily, when I had my early mc in Feb, I tested the Wednesday morning and got a bfp, thursdayi I had my doctors appointment and made my midwife app. Then I started bleeding Thurs night, and a few big clots. Went to the epu, they did a blood test and it came back as negative. I'd been cramping for a few days before with very light spots. I was initially angry that my body bounced back so quickly, but I know now that it's a positive thing. 

  • I am sort of glad that it was negative as just another step forward but it tooI 13 weeks for my hcg levels to get that high and a few days for them to go, when should I roughly stop bleeding now I've had a negative? 

  • for me, I bled very heavily for 2 weeks before surgical intervention, I then spotted for 1 day as they had taken it all away.  The next month I had a ridiculously heavy bleed, which was followed by 1 day of spotting in my next cycle.  You will have to shed your lining, so i guess it depends on how thick it was and how heavily you have bled - sorry, that's not much help x

  • I had my missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. Had to have emergency surgery and I stopped bleeding after a few days post surgery. My period arrived as normal 28 days later but my periods have been very light since and I am now 15 months post miscarriage without a pregnancy :( 

    everyone is different am afraid, I know some ladies where it's taken weeks and others are back to normal Straight away and even get pregnant next cycle.... sadly there are no rules with TTC :( 

  • Thank you Mrs fish and of course that helis :) just knowing I'm not alone helps xx

    Hearing everyone's individual stories definitely proves that butterfly I was 13 weeks and had a medically managed miscarriage, this time last week I was sat waiting to be called in for the ultrasound for the worst news of my life, I can't believe how much has happened in a week.

    do you know how early you ovulated butterfly? I am scared to fall pregnant straight away but I've read thats when you're most fertile xx

  • I'm not meaning I can fall pregnant straight away but I don't know whether to start trying straight away xx

  • Mummytolily I've never tracked ovulation so i don't know if I ovulated straight after my mc. I had my mc in April. I then had 3 periods, each slightly different in length and also each cycle slightly different and now I'm pg again so it can happen. Obviously I've not had my scan yet but praying all will be ok.

    Try not to stress too much or put too much pressure on. The week I fell I really didn't expect it because I'd pulled my back so could barely dtd and also I'm been taking ibuprofen so maybe the fact i didn't think it would happen meant i was more relaxed. 

     🤞 for you xx

  • I was using OpKs after my miscarriage and ovulated around cd14 post miscarriage. I never used to go longer than 28 days but have had a couple of cycles where they have been 32 days which is frustrating. I don't track any more because it was turning me into a crazy person. I am cd6 today and go away on saturday. All being well my fertile week is while I am away so am hoping for a bit of holiday relaxation luck x

  • Thank you lisil and congrats on being pregnant again! A scan will never mean anything to me again I had my 12 week One of the 29th August and everything was fine nice strong heartbeat had to go back on the 5th September for the nuchal scan and no heartbeat, I am gunna try my best to be super relaxed, I have never had problems concieving before but Im worried this will have messed me up xx

  • Butterfly that's what puts me off using opks I don't want to get obsessed I think if nothing happens by Christmas I think I'll try them just to check I am ovulating but for the time being ill try to be relaxed, I hope you have a good holiday and I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is your month xx

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  • Mummytolily I only started using opk's because I wanted to track my cycle after the miscarriage. I know we are going to ttc right away if possible but I'm trying not to worry too much about it as I think extra pressure and stress will make it all more unlikely to happen. My cycles are normally irregular as I have a history of pcos, so the opk's are just a way for me to check really, but not relying on them too much.

  • Hey girls I haven't really been able to keep up much with what's going on due to being abroad with very little internet but thoughts I'd send some happy vibes and hopefully baby dust for us all :) the 2ww is defiantly going faster with being away but it's still not far from my mind. I've seen all these beautiful Spanish dresses and have fell in love with hem can't wait to bring a little one on holiday answer buy then these cute outfits xx

  • Mummytolily, until you're sure you're ready to try again, it's probably best to wait. Otherwise you could end up with a high stress pregnancy if you do conceive again right away... although, I do remember posting at the beginning of the year on this thread, that I was scared to try again and someone commented (can't remember who) saying try anyway because you might not concieve straight away. Ultimately you'll know when you're ready 😊 At the moment things are still pretty raw, confusing and conflicting emotions take over and you go hot and cold with the idea of being pregnant again. Just take your time and go with whatever feels right. Personally, I got completely obsessed with OPKs and tracking and it turned me into a crazy person Xxx

  • Alex321 I really hope you get your baby soon ❤️

    Whale chick that's fair enough and I think I would use opks if my cycles were irregular to, they wwent before always being at 28 days so I'm hoping that doesn't change but I won't know until first and second cycle so we will see! If I do get to Christmas and nothing I will start tracking just to make sure I am ovulated :)

    elexox that is a good bit of advice, I am just gunna relax and see where that takes me. That's my worry I don't want to obsess over being pregnant by using opks, I've never taken 1 before and I have a healthy 3 year old and although this pregnancy didn't work out I didn't struggle to fall pregnant, I stopped taking the pill and fell pregnant straight away, I know when I eventually fall pregnant again and have a baby in my arms I know it'll all be worth the wait.

    thanks everyone for your advice I really appreciate it and I really hope we all have healthy babies in the near future xx

  • Mummytolily I knew I wasn't ready the first cycle after my miscarriage, my head really wasn't in the right place, I was better but still grieveing the next month but decided to start trying then as I knew by the time I was to get a bfp should I be lucky enough to get one that I'd be feeling more like myself. Only you can know what is right for you as what works for one won't work for another xx

  • Hi ladies, sorry was just catching up and see the new thread link etc to had to catch up again lol. Hope you all doing well?

    Mummytolily, I only bled for a week after my MC in March. I was 12wks and thought i would of bled longer but it was like a normal period, I ovulated as normal and got my next period 4weeks later. So fingers crossed your body is on the mend. 

    My children don't know about the pregnancy yet and didn't know about the Mc's either. I couldn't do the emotional rollercoaster even though my youngest (5 year old girl) is desperate for a baby sister as she has 2 older brothers (10 & 6) so is asking for a side kick for christmas from Santa lol. 

    I found OPK very stressful too and I think half the time they were the cause of my late ovulation. My last month, I just went with my body signs (cm and ovulation cramps) for ovulation and I felt so much better about it. I was taking seven seas pre conception tablets too to help with all the nutrients I may of needed xx

  • Charley Was it a natural miscarriage if you dont mind  me asking, my bleeding has definitely slowed down now And I did have a negative pregnancy test yesterday so hoping it stops soon, I really hope it's on the mend to!

    lets hope she gets her little side kick, im sure she'll love a little brother just as much too! After reading what everyones said about opks im really glad I've spoke to you all because it's really put me off using them for the time being! I think the sevens seas tablets are great! I've just taken my first one again today, just to get my body prepared again for the future xx

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