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Very very faint line pregnancy test


I have done this test 5 days ago and on following days and all results were similar, very faint. But I did a 1st response test today and it's negstive. Someone know something about? 



  • I can see it! Mine was exactly like that when I tested and I waited 5 days an tested again  for a clear positive, am 15 wks now.. good luck your next few days will feel like years xxx

  • Thank you! After the 1st response came negative I decided to wait. My period is due on Friday. I'll try wait till then. I'm so anxious oh God. Look like years. 😀

  • imageI'm confused too?! I will re-test again in a few days I guess?! (Mine is very faint but looks more blue in person)

  • Hi girls 

    I had this same thing happen to me. Extremely faint line! 

    Weirdest thing is... I’m on my period, or what definetely feels and looks like a period. But my clearblue has a faint line and did FR test this morning which was negative. 

    I dont understand whats going on! Surely if on period, clearblue shouldn’t have ANY pregnancy line let alone faint one. 

    Could do with some advice... xx

  • Did your faint line appear in 10 minutes Sarah? My periods have been all over the place for the last few months so I'm not even sure when I'm due on or how long to wait to get a clear positiveimage

  • Hi Hanne17 

    The test showed a VERY faint line within a few minmutes of testing but I left it in bathroom for an hour and when I went back the line was slightly more visible. 

    I’ll attach the pic. 

    I am definetly on a period so I can only presume I may have misscarried very early or had a chemical pregnancy. So upsetting but we will keep trying no matter what. 

    Just make sure you are recording your periods, Ovia app is quite good. I use a clearblue ovulation test now also which is amazing for telling you when your fertile. 

    Are you waiting to do a test soon? Xx

  • image This was my test result x 

  • I'm in exactly the same boat!! Very confused:/

  • Hi Mary 

    Did you get a period like me also? My case seems very strange lol.. 

    not sure what’s going on but I’m at Doctors so hopefully know soon... xx

  • Oh no! So sorry if that is the case for you... yes I have an app where I track my periods but because my periods are so messed up, I think the app is confused and wrong.. what did the doctor say?

  • Hi Hanne17 

    If I were you I would just use the app to keep record of your periods but in terms of ovulation, I use Clearblue tests. Which I must say I only started using last month first time and we dtd 2x when the test said I was most fertile and guess what.. 

    I indeed was pregnant this time but unfortunately found out today it ended in early miscarriage. Hence my heavy bleeding and very faint positive test. Big shame and upset but I am atleast happy to know we CAN get pregnant, it just wasn’t meant to be this pregnancy. 

    I start ovulating from next wk Tues again so 2-3 days prior to that I am doing all in my power to conceive again. I’m also going for the soft cup method which apparently has worked for so many couples first time. 

    I really hope you get the positive your looking for.. depending on if how many days you have gone past ovulation, you may be able to do a test now. 

    No harm in checking xx 

  • So sorry for your loss :( I will check out the clear blue as we've only just started trying so I'm new to tests and ovulation things! Goodluck with next week! please let us know when it happens for you! 

    Yes I did a test yesterday evening and thats when I got a faint positive, it's completley dissapeared from the window today though? maybe I should just wait a few days... it's all very confusing! 

  • Update... did my 2nd tesco test this morning as soon as I woke up and no line 😞 The first test I did must have been quick evaporation or faulty I don't know. Ordered some early response tests instead! 

  • I’m sorry to hear that. I think your first one may have been a faulty because it shouldn’t disappear. Mine showed up, but very faint. After an hour, I noticed it darkened a bit. 

    Its really important you keep track of your ovulation, AF and cycle lengths. I still use my app to track periods but in terms of ovulation, I use Clearblue yest sticks which definetely worked for us last month as I fell pregnant! (But unfortunately, has miscarriage). 

    How long have you guys been ttc x

  • I'll buy some clear blue sticks, thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to download an ovulation app so I can see and workout my cycle as clear as possible.

    Well I came off the pill in May, so haven't been on any contraception since then, I had a few months of normal periods may-aug so we were able to avoid ovulation days as I was recovering from a surgery. Then from august till now they've been irregular so I've not really tried to understand or find out when I'm ovulating since.. we've just said if it happens then great... 

  • Hi Hanne17 

    Sorry for the late reply, 

    did you do your first response test then? 

    any luck? Xx

  • No luck! Think I'm coming on my period this morning too :(. I decided to see my doctor about my irregular periods aswell and I'm having checks done to see if all is good down there 👍🏻 Xx

  • Ive just posted mine extremely faint on the one that hasn't been inverted etc but can be seen in person, what are your thoughts pls in driving myself mad 

  • Your pics are alittle but difficult to see, I think I see a line in the first 2 pics but not on the last one :( 

    My test was the same - EXTREMELY faint line but i felt like I could def see one! Turned out I was pregnant but miscarried. My 2nd test was completely negative. 

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