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Am I pregnant? Please advice

Hello all, 

I need a advice from you, expect period is today and I took a tesco pregnancy test yesterday and today, do you think im pregnant? Thank you in advance for adviceimage


  • The bottom one looks o has potential but have read a lot of bad things about Tesco tests and blue dyes. You would be best testing again tomorrow or Thursday if no sign of period with a pin dye test such as first response and finlrst morning urine

    Good luck

  • Thank you so much, just tôok another picture where the second line is more clear here, will repeat the test tomorrow image

  • Hi mine was like the top one in the first picture the day af was due and i tried another brand and came back positive. I tried 3 different brands and found that Tesco's were the least sensitive. Good luck although seems  you already have it 😀 x

  • So thís is from first response this afternoon :) looks like positive?:) 


  • Yep congratulations

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