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Right Eye twitching since 9 days

Hi ladies, i m ttc since june, i am not regular with my AF, my cycle is 40 days according to which i ovulated on 9th November.

i am feeling few symptoms such as cramps, nausea, very tired, sleepy, pain in nipples (not too much), continues eye twitching (9th day today).

am I really pregnant or is it all in my mind?  


  • I've been wondering if I had implantation bleeding this week. And honestly my right eye was twitching for a week, but today it' stopped. I didn't connect anything as I'e never heard of any connection in this. Is there one?

  • Hi Raiy,

    even i never heard of it but then i googled it and found it strange that most of the women had the same sign before there BFP, i wish and hope its positive for us too 🤗

  • Definitely hun. Make sure you keep us updated 😊🤗

  • hey, sure i will let you know, but do have any idea that when should i check ?

  • I'm not really sure hun. I think people get BFP at different times. I checked this morning and got BFN, MY AF is due in 4 days. 

    How many days until your AF is due?

  • oh i am sorry, but still u have time i hope u get ur BFP, my AF was due on 23rd i am gonna give one more week Before i test.

  • Good luck hun. I would say if you're already late with your AF, get an early response test and check as soon as you're ready!

    Let us know how it goes 🤗

  • Can anyone tell me if this looks positive to you? It’s super faint image

  • Hi Ladies. Got another BFN today. AF was due to start today but I've been spotting all week and so I'm pretty sure it will come tomorrow. 

    Hi Megan. It looks positive but it's very faint.

  • Hi everyone,

    Im 18 and therefore not trying to get pregnant. I cannot remember when my last period was exactly- I think it was around the 6th of Nov, therefore that would mean I am due around the end of this week/early next week. I had unprotected sex on the 16th but only for a minute before he put on a condom. Since then I’ve had cramping/bloating and intense back pain all over. I took an early response test yesterday which came back negative but am thinking I took the test too early? Is there any chance I could be pregnant?

  • There is always a chance Jessie, with unprotected sexual contact. But it is less of a chance than doing the full deed. And much less likely. Though still possible. Just wait it out and if you need to do a test do one 

    AF arrived for me ladies 😕

  • I'm really sorry to here that Raiy :(

    Just did another test that was negative, think I'm going to wait a week and re evalutate the situation. 

    Hopefully my AF will arrive soon. 

  • Hi Raiy, i am sorry about ur AF, best of luck for the next month hun. Lots of baby dust and prayers for u.

    my updat: i did 2 tests on sunday and one today both are BFN, but i have all symptoms, nausea, sleepy, feverish, cold, back pain (like period) vagina lightning, headaches but still i am at 21dpo with BFN, i have lost hope:( may be its just i am totally and officially irregular with pms :( i rnt knw if ever i will get pregnant with this :(

    Jessie: dont worry sweet heart i dont see a positive coming, and u better take proper precautions from nect time or better not to do it if u dont want to fall pregnant. Good luck

  • Please avoid my typing mistakes **

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