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Could I be pregnant?

Hi ladies.. 

My husband and I are TTC. My period is around 28days with my period starting the night of the 27th day of my cycle. It has always been regular and like clock work. 

This month I was at day 31 of my cycle and nothing yet but I have been experiencing extremely bad gas, weird abdominal cramps, somedays nausea, sore nipples and tender breasts and frequent urination (especially at bedtime). I thought I was having early symptoms of pregnancy so days 29-30 and today 31 took a pregnancy test and all came out negative. This afternoon I started a really light bleed of a bright red / browny colour but I have no period pains at all and I feel rather good. 

Could this be implantation bleeding so late on? Could I get a period and be pregnant? 

These are dates of my last cycle:

30th of October - period started

13th-15th of November- ovulation. 

We had intercourse on the 8th, 13th and 15th and also 22nd and 23rd of November.

Any help will be much appreciated thank you x

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