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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • Lola585

    i don’t do anyth much to relax, just stay in and chill and i  don’t think about it.what makes you think someone would judge you?

  • Patia....

    i think sometimes and only once in a while, I can get so fed up with people who have babies or who have announced that they are pregnant etc and I like the idea of being  able to have a wee moan about that and then moving on again, without my friends or family thinking I’m getting bitter. This is something I definitely don’t want to be, but sometimes you just want to moan about it all. Alrhough, I guess that’s what the chat room is good for too!

    its weird how much my emotions change over the month. Today I feel so chilled out about it and I think it will happen when it happens and other days I’m tearing my hair out!

  • Lola I’m totally on same page. One day I’m fine and it will happen and we will have a child even if not biologically ours, then other days I’m inconsolable x

  • Lola585

    i exactly know where you’re coming from, feels like you’re the only one trying and not getting anywhere 😔

  • Is anyone still using this thread?

    I’m 29 and TTC for a few months. I have been off the pill since April 2018. I feel like my husband and I are doing everything right but its just not happening for us. We really thought we were pregnant this time, then AF came early. 

    Its so hard because my sister is pregnant as are heaps of my other friends. And they all seem to be getting pregnant on their first go. Or even when they’re not trying. I try to be happy for them but it’s starting to get really hard when each month AF turns up.

    I’m trying not to stress about it but it’s bloody hard!

  • Yeah same as, 5 pregnancy announcements over Xmas, and my period came on Friday. I've been off the pill since Feb/March 2017 but avoiding getting pregnant until June 2018. Still no pregnancy. 8 cycles in. 

  • Hi StephJones

    dont worry too much, its been just few months for you however if you want to pit your mind in ease then go and see your GP and advise them you have been trying for at least 12 months so they can give you blood test to check your hormone level.

    ive been trying for 6 months now and still nothing. Waiting for an appointment with the Gynaecologist and i’m really relaxed about everything now.

    Stress doesn’t help the matter xx

  • I’ve been ttc for 14 months and in that period 3 close friends had babieS. It’s really hard. Got fertility specialist in two weeks. Blood tests and sperm test both came back fine x

  • Hi ladies - I am 25 and on my 7th cycle ttc. We have 4 friends pregnant (some even accidentaly), and my sil just had a new born. I had a mc a few months ago, and now it is so hard to even talk about baby with my dh. We both want one, but it keeps not happening. I am pretty laid back about it though, we are in no rush to have one, but I am also anxious and self-conscious that it is taking this long...

  • billythekitty 

    dont worry, you got pregnant once before so everything is working just fine. as sad miscarrage sounds it is very common, all doctors say it.

    Be patient and have a faith, it will happen in the right time for you 😊

  • Hi all,

    I'm back again still no positive for me 🙃 really starting to get at me, im starting to feel that there might be issues up with myself or partner. 

    What do you all recommend?

    I couldn't get on with ovulation tests as these were saying I had a positive a day before my period was due which I could seem true? I've also been taking trying for a baby for a while and still nothing. How is everyone else dealing with negative results?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Thank you Patia! Be patient and have faith are the two things I need to remind myself constantly! :) I will work on that!

  • Hi Lilnara

    how long have you been trying for?

    i have now relaxed with the entire process and don’t feel let down when my AF shows as i’m assuming it will happen when the time is right😀

    i am on the waiting list to see a specialist at the hospital which drives me crazy therefore i have decided to go and see a specialist in my own country next month as it will speed up the process of finding out whether there’s something up in that department 😃

  • Hi lilnara. How long have you been ttc?

  • Hi StephJones,

    I'm 29 also, ttc since October. I'd been on the pill for 11 years prior to October so I'm still kind of trying to figure out what my "normal" cycle is.

    The ironic part of this whole experience is comparing my feelings of fear towards getting accidentally pregnant while on the pill to the feeling of disappointment I've had going completely unprotected and there's zilch.

    I know it's only been a couple months but naivete made me hope that it would happen just right away. Most of my circle of friends and social network community are on their second or third babies....I just hope to have one, someday.

  • Bdubbs - I am also surprised that it didn't happen right away. ttc since July.. maybe it has something to do with being on the pill for so long? Who knows! Let's hope it happens someday sooner rather than later :P Good luck to you :)

  • Well... I turned 34 on Saturday so I’m feeling really old now and worried it’s not going to happen. I didn’t feel too old at 33... just not young! Ha!

    my fertile days ended a few days ago but I just feel like it didn’t happen this month! I know it’s maybe wrong but I really think I would know and now it’s the waiting game again x

  • Bdubbs totally agree with “The ironic part of this whole experience is comparing my feelings of fear towards getting accidentally pregnant while on the pill to the feeling of disappointment I've had going completely unprotected and there's zilch.”

    i had been on pill 14 years when i cane off. Periods cane back right away but still not got pregnant x

  • Hi Bdubs and Patia, and all,

    Totally get the irony! My husband and I were counting last night and we have had 5 friends recently conceive on their first go or when not even trying. I guess I’m the 1 in 6 with the troubles. 

    I was on the pill for 12 years. Got period back pretty quickly when I stopped but theyre still not always regular. 

    I had all my hormones checked a few months after coming off the pill and they were all fine. 

    I get worried because my other sister (I have 3) struggled to have children for five years before going through IVF and conceiving on her third attempt. He body doesn’t make enough progesterone to the pregnancy’s wee unable to stick. Her and I are very different physically but it does scare me that it won’t happen for me. And then my other sister winks at her husband and she’s pregnant.

    I’m trying to take a new approach this cycle and spend the next two weeks exercising and eating well (well better than I have over Xmas) and trying not to stress. So we’ll see how that goes. 

  • StephJones

    im finding my GP pretty unhelpful in my situation to be fair even though she has referred to see a specialist hence i’m heading to see a private one to find a solution and get more tests done if needs be

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