TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • Hello lovely ladies,

    We got married in November and we are currently living in different countries. We spent a whole of the holiday season together and now back to having a long distance relationship.

    We're arranging our visits to coincide with my fertility window but it is so stressful. My husband thinks I'm totally obsessed using online calculators and ovulation kits.

    I'm glad I found this group for my sanity,

    Hoping to hear your good news soon,


  • Hi ladies, sorry to jump in but I read the title then the replies and felts like I couldn’t read and run.

    me and my oh have been trying for 18 months, he had his sperm tested the other week and was told he had a lot of volume, (made us laugh) so he isn’t a problem and I’ve jd bloods which are fine. I was on the pill for 6 yrs and since coming off it my cycles are regular 29 days, I ovulate on the same days cd 13-15. 

    ive been told by the sa doc to book myself an appointment to get everything tested but while I Wait I can’t help but feel like I’m going completely insane! Not helped by everyone telling me they’re pregnant, think they are of have just goven birth. I feel my fake “congratulations smile” is starting to become Transparent. 

    Good luck ladies 


  • Hi didob, that must be really hard for you planning things around your not  time.  I really hope you get quick good news asap😁

    His laulau18,  thanks for sharing your story it really helps me to hear other peoples stories etc. I have been thinking about getting tests as it has been 13 months for us now but because I am overweight I feel it'l be a wasted trip as they'l just tell me to lose weight first.(it is my plan just so hard) xx

  • Hello Me93,

    Thank you, I hope things go well for you. Don't get stressed about weight issues. I wonder if doctors exaggerate when it comes to this.

    Be well,


  • Hi ladies, 

    I have taken 2 tests today and feel unsure. 

    I think I have a faint line in the pic of the strip test and i had a white line come up on the other? I' so confused image


  • I think I can see the faint line too. I've never seen a white line before. That's a strange one. Maybe test again tomorrow and it might be stronger. Fingers crosses for a BFP!!

  • Thanks laurelli.. I've done a digital rest and it's negative so I'm baffled. I'll test again in a couple of days xx

  • I've seen a white a line before. I'd say it's positive. 

  • Hmm never heard about a while line before have you tried googling it? 

    I can test a week Friday which is when my next period is due but don’t know if I can wait that long might test couple of days before to see if it’s positive. 

    what do you all think!?

  • Cheriseebell, if I were you I'd wait til the day the period is due to test. I know from experience that I wasted alot of money testing coming up to the period only to find out that moSt pregnancy tests (even the ones that say they can be used 5 days before period is due) don't usually pick up the pregnancy hormone until it's very strong which can sometimes be at least a week after your period is due. But I know it's so hard to wait. 

  • Me93 did you test again today?

  • Thanks for your advice girls. I tested today and it's negative I'm pretty sure.. I'm confused and 1 day late (although have been later before)

    Cheriseebell .. i would say wait as long as you can but i knoe how hard that is .. If you are going to test early make sure you use the early onesbut like laurelli said don't be disheartened if its negative as it might judt be too early and you may go on to get a positive result .. goid luck please let us know how you get on. 

  • Thanks girls I’ll take your advice wait till Friday. 

    Ill let you all know

    good luck to all of you aswell xx 

  • It's 23 days until I can test!! Ahhhhh it's so hard to wait it out! I'll live through ye until then! 😂😂

  • Hi ladies.. can anyone see anything or do I have line eye ? 


  • Honestly I can’t see anything. But my eyesight is rubbish.

    when are you due on!?

  • Hia I was due on two days ago, I'm thinking I'm not pregnant as the lines I saw the otherday were really faint or white and today was barely there if at all x

  • Your not alone! my husband and i are ttc 15 months now and recently its all we think about he texts me screenshots of pregnancy related stuff during the day. Iv cried so many times but I hope it will all be worth it soon! 

  • Hi sassy, it's a horrible situation to be in isn't it. It feels like our time will never come. I just wonder why x

  • Any updates from anyone?

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