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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • Im 7 days late and have been having cramps all week so decided to do one more test last night . I did it before going out and at first glance it looked negative but when I can't home there a faint line. 

    I'am thinking if anything it's an evaporation lime but I'm baffled as to why I haven't come on. 


    How are you doing?


  • Oo I can definitely see a line there this time. And 7 days late is a great sign. I've everything crossed for you that aunt flo doesn't arrive!! I'm a few days away from ovulation according to my app. Just did an ovulation test incase and I think it's negative.  Test says the line has to be the same as or darker than  the control lineimage  .

    On the up side we're having great fun trying these days 👿😍😂

  • Hia thanks .. still baffled as to where I'm at with things. I suppose time will tell.

    Yes the line will be as dark just before ovulation so keep testing and you'l  soon get a positive 😊

    Fingers crossed we get what we so desperately want soon xxxx

  • I know i said I’d take your advice girls but I’m so inpatient!

    im due on Friday did a test this morning and it was negative do you girls think it’s too early to test?

  • Which kind of test was it?

  • Any positives anyone? I'm still waiting on a positive on the ovulation test. I should be ovulatino todat or tomorrow according to the app but still got a negative today. 

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m new on here and saw this post and guess I just felt like I needed to say something in a supportive environment! 

    I am 28 and have been ttc for 4 months. AF is due next Monday and my usual PMS symptoms started about 2-3 days earlier than usual this month which is strange (achey boobs, tiredness)  but don’t have my usual mood swings and foul temper (yet!!). These symptoms usually start a week before AF and no earlier and my cycle is very predictable. I did was not on any birth control before we decided to start trying because I am very sensitive to hormonal changes and the pill makes me crazy.

    I use an app to track ovulation and it says I ovulated on 14th Jan. 

    I guess the reason it’s all starting to drive me a bit more crazy is because I was diagnosed with endometriosis in the summer and my boyfriend was told several years ago that his sperm quality isn’t great which assisted with fertility issues with the mother of his son (son through IVF). I’m now really worried that it won’t happen for us naturally. I know 4 months isn’t that long but its not easy to cope with the disappointment each month. 

    Sorry for my rant here - this is my first post but I’ve been reading things online for a couple of months and it seems like a good way to talk to people who are going through some of the same things! 

    Thanks x

  • Welcome to the group Carri. This is a great place to get all the worries off your because it can be a thing that you don't want to talk about with people you know. I feel like I'm going crazy too and only been trying for 3 months. Every time AF arrives is so soul destrying! But it's bound to come right for us all some time soon. Fingers crossed x

  • Thanks Laurelli - that’s spot on! I don’t want to talk about it with people I know and I don’t want people I know asking me about it all the time. 

    Glad I’m not the only one driving myself crazy! I feel like everyone around me is pregnant or getting pregnant and I’m happy for them but I never understand how hard that can be for someone trying. 

    Fingers crossed for you too x

  • Yea everyone around me seems to be having babies too but I've been thinking lately that they all probably went through this too. Nobody is ever going to really tell you this part I guess.

  • Hi everyone, me and my hubby are ttc our 2nd child together , we are have been trying since November and still nothing ( boo ), I have a short 25 day cycle , im currently in my fertile days and due to ovulate tomorrow, the tww is a killer so .. 

  • Hey all. we’ve been TTC since May. Currently waiting for test results as my cycles are longer than average (35-42 days, so not major). it’s frustrating that I have to wait longer between attempts! I’ve still got a week until my predicted fertile window and it’s going so slowly!! 

  • Hello everyone new to the group 😊

    It' nice to have lots of peole to talk to on here and I'm sure we can support each ther right up until we each get our good news xxx 

  • Me93 any updates?

  • imagestill no ovulation happening. Today is supposed to be the day. Top test was Sunday, middle was Tuesday evening and bottom this morning.  I think the line is getting a little darker.

  • Hello Laurelli - I think it definitely looks darker!

  • It will happen one day we just have to stay positive. currently 3 days late for my period but still a negative PT😣xx

  • Welcome to the group new ladies! :)

    I'm due on Friday but done another test this morning and negative :(

    got some horrible pains in my tummy so may be a no again this month :(

  • Just started by AF 2 days early absolutely gutted!

    really Going to try and not think about it this month and start taking some pr-preg vitamins.

    how You all getting on?

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