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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • Hi there! I am so glad I found this forum. I am 32 years old - going to be 33 next month. I've always wanted to have babies and I am finally trying! I couldn't try before because in the past I was not in the right relationship, plus I was studying. Lately I became worried because in the past 3 years I have been more irregular and a couple of times I even skipped periods. I told my boyfriend that we need to try now because I have a bad feeling that if we don't I may miss my chance.

    I tried this month for the first time. Even though is difficult to know for me when exactly I'm ovulating since I am irregular, I had sex a few times only around the time my app told me ovulation should take place (Jan 12). on Jan 22nd I thought I had gotten my period because I had some blood (bright red but just a tiny little bit). I thought "oh that's too bad but its ok I try next month". The problem is that..that's all there was...just a tiny little bit of blood and nothing else. Next blood and today no blood. My breast have been somewhat tender. I thought "maybe its implantation blood". My sense of smell has been sharper than usual too, but maybe its been all in my mind. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative.

    I am so worried because I am thinking something is really wrong with me. If I am not pregnant then I am spotting out of nowhere and I am skipping my period, or my period may come late but then spotting like that, must mean something wrong. This would not be the first time for me that something weird like that happens..

    I can't stop worrying, I am going to see the Doctor on Friday.. Does any of you think that the idea of ever getting pregnant is so far, that seems almost impossible? I see everyone having babies and I am terrified it may not happen for me... is this a common feeling?

  • Welcome Ananbee, I would try to relax a bit more as stressing about it can actually stop it from happening. I know thats alot easier said than done. I'm 33 so i know the panic you feel, like if I don't have a baby now, it's never going to happen. But since joining this forum and looking at some other ones I have seen people alot older managing to conceive and it has helped to put me a bit more at ease and try to relax a bit more about the whole thing. Saying that, I'm just after peeing on an ovulation test and am waiting for that dark pink line to finally appear 😂😂

  • I've also learned that pregnancy tests (even the ones that claim to be able to tell 6 days before your period) often don't work until well after your missed period, like even a couple of weeks from some people I have seen on these forums.

  • Hello ladies,

    I've not been TTC but have been "feeling" pregnant since 10th Jan. I have irregular periods (PCOS) so don't know when I am due AF.

    I have been pregnant twice before. 1st - My boy who is 19 months old. 2nd - MC 15 months ago. I found out at I was pregnant 9DPO when I just felt pregnant and wasn't TTC and second time when I was 7 weeks and wasn't TTC as well.

    I have tingling behind belly button, twinges in left ovary, bloating, peeing lots, nauseous, sore boobs, headaches, extra tired, backache and lots of CM. The last 2 weeks the symptoms have been getting stronger and I even have a let down feeling in my breasts like when I was BFing!

    I have taken 6 PTs and all BFN. When would I have an accurate HPT reading as I have no idea when AF would be due? I had a weird 2 day bleed Jan 2/3 but don't believe it's IB as it was very heavy.

    Someone please help!

  • Maybe go to the doctor for a proper pregnancy test? I've never been pregnant before so you have more experience of knowing what it's feels like so no point in me trying to give you any advice 😁 welcome to the group by the way x

  • I am so relieved to read this post

    i am so obsessed and it’s taking its toll on me now making me constant upset and feeling frustrated as to why after 6 months of trying and 8 months off contrepetion why I am not pregnant when people manage it so easily. 

    I google every day, I am going for my bloods checked with doctor next month to check for ovulation but I cannot switch off! it Is an awful feeling that’s getting on top of me and every month I come on I feel terrible, they say stress is the worse thing but I can not control this! Xx

  • Any news from anyone? I'm on the two week wait!

  • Hi Cheriseebel, 

    You really need to calm down and take it easy on yourself. This would help avoild anxiety and stress which further makes TTC experience difficult. 

    I waited for 14 years before it eventually happened. 

    But throughout the long period, I was always calm and never allowed myself to be worked up. 

    I was equally doing alot of study and research into the likely causes of my then infertility. 

    Got some amazing findings, applied a couple of yhe techniques I leant and before I knew it, I became Pregnant. 

    I have had my second child now preparing for the 3rd despite my age. 

    So you need to research, study valuable materials on this subject, observe your body and take action. 



  • My boyfriend and I have been trying since September 2017 with no positive tests. At first I was so obsessive and hurt everytime AF showed up, but I finally calmed down. I realized I’d rather have AF and KNOW I’m not pregnant than to stress out about it and lowet my chances of conceiving AND make me miss AF

  • Hi I'm new to the group 😊 

     Me and my OH decided we want to ttc this year although I have my sisters hen do in may which is abroad,

    so I made the choice to come of my pill (desogestrell) 5 weeks ago to get regular Af and use condoms in the mean time til we were ready, I was taking that pill for 2 yrs and never had AF, prior to that was microgynon for 10yrs and had Af like clockwork. 

    Upto now I have had no AF not even a withdrawel bleed I had a few cramps last week and thought 'this is it' but nothing ever came of it :-( 

    i never thought I would want AF so badly 🙈 

    Is anyone in the same situation? 

    Thanks for reading x

  • Welcome Loz27! Welcome to the craziness that is TTC haha.

    I stopped taking birth control in August and had very irregular AF until November. I completely skipped October, sadly I thought it was because I was pregnant but nope. It take all a while for your body to get back on schedule,my doctor said it could take up to 6 months to start ovulating again once you stop BC. Hopefully you get AF soon! 

    Woke up today to a BFN and still no sign of AF. Feeling pretty defeated, but I’ll test again in a few days if AF doesn’t show up. 

  • Hi krimlong23

    what contraception was you on please An how long after you stopped taking it did you get AF? 

    Have your cycles regularated since :-) 

  • I was taking Sprintec (BC pill), and had been taking it for 8 years before stopping. I got AF 8 weeks after stopping BC and didn’t start having a regular monthly AF for another 2 months after that. 

  • So me waiting 5 weeks is nothing really  I'm just being impatient 🙈 No body tells you these things I wish I had joined the group sooner and I would of definitely stopped bc before I did x

  • No matter how long the wait, it still drives ya crazy! Haha people make it seem like you’ll get pregnant the second you stop BC 

  • Hi ladies. Im not ttc (i have 4 little ones and quite frankly i wouldnt recommend it for sanity's sake lol) i just wanted to say to all who are trying that its so easy to get caught up in trying that you can forget about having fun with your partners. Its hard i know but just relaxing about getting pregnant can make it happen ;) good luck to all and have fun ttc ;)

  • 3 week wait for me!😌 fertile week next week but going to start trying these ovulation tests as wanted to make sure my app is right & I’ve also started to take folic acid hows everyone else getting on?

  • Just at the end of the first week of the two week wait! I had unusual stabby throbbing in my lower abdomen for about half an hour on and off today. I'm hoping it's implantation cramping but probably more likely to be wind! ! 😂😂

  • I have officially missed my entire AF 😱 Going to test again tomorrow 

  • Fingers crossed for you!!

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