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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • Hi Cheriseebell,

    I started taking vitamins with folic acid a few months ago, it is actually recommend to take them a few months before trying to conceive, according t my Doctor.

    I am going to be in my fertile days in a week too...So another month and everything starts again!!

  • Hi everyone, wow this chat has really grown Im loving it!! Welcome and hi to everyone that' joined recently.. sorry I've not responded the last few days.ivs had a mental few days.

     I could do with some help tonight..

    I did a test this morning before going out but forgot to check it .. just remembered and see a line but I'm not sure if it has colour or is just an evap? Views please lovely people 


  • Hi me93

    did wonder where you went... can’t believe i started this chat & how much it’s grown! It’s so lovely to talk to you all we should set up a what’s app group or Facebook messanger group!☺️

    I can definatly see a line and my eyesight is awful! When are you due your AF maybe test again in a couple of days?

    im currently on my fertile week according to my app got some ovulation tests but they’ve all been negative so far haven’t tested today though. 

    Hows everyone else getting on?

  • I'm 4 days til AF. Have had very sore boobs for the last week and a half. Had a strange sharp pain for about half an hour a few days ago. I have my fingers crossed that it was implantation pain but not holding my breath. I had one tiny  bit of watery brown spotting yesterday, so light you could hardly see it. 

  • Hi cherisee, it is lovely I agree! I've had a mental time recently. 

    The line is there but I'm not sure if it's an evap line .. I got a fainter line on another test see below but today's test was negative. I' late for my period by ages .. I'm all over the place but I test regularly and Saturdays was negative so if I am I must have caught  recently and therefore it's dead faint but I'm not sure what to think with today's negative digital test.

    I do have sore boobs today and have been having sharp pains too . Im so confused!! 

    Ooh thats exciting that your in your fertile week .. keep testing and you'l soon see an ovulation line I'm sure. Keep me posted! 


  • Hey laurelli ... that sounds so positive! Have you done a test? I think you could try an early detection one x

  • Hi Me93.  I'm gonna try and stay strong and hold out for if Af is late. I don't want to get myself excited only to be let down. Your test results are confusing. Maybe you should go to the doc and get a proper test to know for sure one way or the other.

    Cheriseebell,  have fun trying this week💑

  • That's really good that you are able to wait and I think it's a good idea xx

    I know I'm totally baffled. Time will Tell! I'l retest in the morning x

  • Thanks girls! 

    Yeah defo test In a couple of days your so patient to wait I defo couldn’t do it!🙄

  • I see a line in the second picture FX! image

  • His musty16 thank you for replying. I have taken another tonight and there' another very very faint line  but the digital.this afternoon was negative.. I'm baffled.  I will test with fmu tomorrow thank you 


  • Definitely a faint line on the bottom one.

  • Definite line on the second one. Digital tests tend to be more negative!

  • Lol I meant tend to be less sensitive!

    Still have pregnancy baby brain after nearly 2 years

  • Still no AF and negative tests after 10 days 😭 My lower back is so sore, nipples gurt, and feeling nauseous. Not sure what to think 

  • Same as me I did a test this morning and was a faint postive so you never know 

  • Ah it' so tough isn' it! I'e skipped a whole period and still no proper positive. I'm baffled.  Bexs301  congratulations!! How faint was your test?

  • Hi all. It is a relief to find a board like this. I feel exactly the same, feel like it's all I can think about. My husband and I have been the since October 2017, so I know it's not been too long. But it is so difficult when friends and other family members are expecting and you are trying to be happy and positive for then even though deep down it is all you could hope for!! It' af time for me at the moment so will be on to month 5 of trying next week! X

  • It was really faint 

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