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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!

Is anyone else obsessed with getting pregnant?

me and my husband have started ttc our first child since November 2017 I know it’s only been a couple of months but i feel like I’m obsessed I cant think of anything else. All my friends says try not to think about it but it’s easier said than done. I’ve got 2 fertility apps and googling things all the time crying all the time Is any body else going through this?



  • Hi lovely. 

    I feel I could have written this post.

    Exactly how I feel. I' obsessed and cannot get it out of my mind. I have been trying with my husband for 13 months now and feel really down in the dumps. 

    Where you on any form of contraception previously? I came off the mini pill. 

    Look forward to hearing back from you xc

  • Hi yes I’m trying to conceive baby #1 also. We only been trying since November and have only really had 1 month a trying due to withdrawal bleed. I was on the patch for around 2 years before coming off it. 

    Im not quite at the pulling my hair out stage yet but I am very obsessed atm. Two types of opks, checking basal temperature avert morning, futility apps, YouTube videos. The lot! Lol. 

    Babh dust to both 🧚‍♀️✨


  • hello.

    13 months hope something happens for you soon. How do you cope and get through it? 

    I A’s I’m the implant for 3 months only it came out on 31st October I’ve had 2 normal cycles so far since having the implant out as I wouldn’t bleed on the implant. 


  • I haven’t used any sort of OPK just been using the 2 apps! 

    I always seem to know when I’m ovulating as I get pains in my lower side of stomach. But I might just get an opk to see if I actually am. 

    Baby dust to you Xx 

  • This is great, other people in the same obsessive state as me 😂😂. We started ttc I  November aswell. I came off the pill in ocrober and have been taking folic acid sInce. I was nearly sure I was in luck last week as AF was 6/7days late and I'm always like clockwork, plus I had loads of symptoms and them BAM! So upsetting when we were nearly sure.  I had done a couple of testsand had BFNs but I was sure it was just coz the hormone wasn't sure strong enough yet. So disheartening havING to sure ring tart all over again. AltHough I really should be more patient seeing as we've only been trying for a couple of months. 

  • Hia all, lovely to speak to you all and hear new stories. 

    It' so tough but I've learnt to not get my hopes up and take each month at a time. I've tried using ovulation tests and have had positives and been sure many months that 'its the month' but for some reason it hasn't been.

    I'e missed the odd period and been late a couple of times but still nothing.

    I have been getting so obsessed I was making myself miserable so my new years resolution has been to think about it less and to just focus on being healthier and fitter and enjoying ourselves. 

    I have been taking the pre conception vitamins since i started trying also. 

    Im 24 and we married 12 months ago .. Feeling ready now! 

    Baby dust to you all xxx

  • Me93, that's a good attitude to have. I think I'll try to relax a bit more and take this as they come but saying that, I'll probably be going mad during the two week wait again! I'm 33 so just worried that it may never happen. You're lucky to be in a position to start young. It took me forever to find the right man! 😂

  • I find them quite useful but can get a little obsessed if I’m not careful. 

  • What stages in the cycle are ye at? Anyone coming close to possible pregnancy testing time? 

  • still got to wait another 2 weeks before I can test.

    me and my husband got married in november I was starting to take pre-pregnancy vitimins but stopped when I came on my cycle as I was really upset!😭 maybe I should start taking them again?

  • I know the feeling . I just ordered some of the seven seas tablets.  Saw good reviews of them. Fingers crossed they help.

  • Ah laurelli 33 is a great age, two of my colleagues just had babies at 34 and 37 no problem. 

    It' so hard to relax isn't it.

    I' due on around the 16th but I'm still not 100% regular every single month. I don't have any symptoms this month though and have taken a test this morning (early detection test apparently) and it' negative. Don't think it's my month x

  • if you girls dont' mind me asking when it is your fertile week how often are you having intercourse. I've heard so many different things like not to have intercourse every day, and to have it every other day or a least twice a week? what are your girls view on it?

  • Me93 thanks for that, makes me feel I have some hope!

    Cheriseebell my app tells me the fertile days 18-28th Jan with 24th ovulation day. Seems like forever away. The hubby and I had planned to have sex every day during the fertile period but it never happens like that due to work etc. I'd say we've managed every second/3rd day. Must make more of an effort this month! What about ye?

  • My app has told me that my fertile days are the 7th Jan to the 13th with the 12th being ovulation day.

    weve actually only had sex twice this past week and also on the 6th Jan which was the day before my fertile week started so don’t know whether to count that or not!🤔

    my husband hasn’t really been in the mood this week which is annoying and has caused arguments😂🙊

  • That is annoyin when you're waiting around so long for you're fertile week to come but maybe he was having an off week. And they think women are the odd ones ?! 😂 well hopefully those two times might have been enough for a bun in the oven! I just woke my husband up off nights in a creative way😜 just to let him know that it's not only for baby making that i need him, for fun too!! 😂😂

  • Hi!

    I'm 28 and TTC my first 

    i stopped the mini pill cerelle on 10th Dec (had no periods on this pill) and before that I had the implant in for 5 years (no periods on this also)

    its now 5 weeks later and I've had no AF and a negative test this week. I've had mild cramps this week. No idea whats going on with my's so frustrating. 

  • It'll probably take a while for your body to get back to normal after being on the pill. I was expecting things to happen straight away after coming off it but now I see that's not he case. Periods very irregular since I went off pill in October  so impossible to figure all this out!

  • Hi ladies, my fertile week has shifted around quite a bit over the months so we aim to have intercourse every 2/3 days throughout the whole of the month but obviously it varies sometimes we do every day some times it'l be 3/4 days. 

     I have heard that you should allow time inbetween foe the sperm count to build up so leaving a day inbetween at least is best. 

    Hi mummyready. I was on the implanon for 5 years and the same pill as you ! How crazy. 

    I came of 13 months ago and still haven't become 100%regular so you could be still adjusting but saying that I have also known people become pregnant in the first few weeks of coming off the pill so deffo do another test in a few days 😃 good luck xxx

  • I went researching there and found thisimage

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