Are these fbp or am I freaking out over nothing!?!?

44internet4  cheap ones, and the top one is for control. Am I mental and just got baby fever thinking they are all showing positive!?!?!?! image



  • If you are worried get a first response test. But to me they all look positive. X

  • You're pregnant - congrats! x

  • Definitely positive congrats!

  • image What do you all make of this please? And COOPSKI that looks like a bfp to me ! Congratulations x

  • Luilaczc I can see a line but so difficult to tell if it's blue or grey. I would do a first response as it is stronger so more likely to pick it up and easier to see the pink line. How long until AF? Baby dust!

  • Thanks Hollberry! AF is due on Monday but I’m soo eager image

  • I did a few more this week, was getting bfn. Getting a blood test today. They Think these are implantation.

    Wish me luck! 

  • When is AF due ? It could just be that your hcg level is still low 

  • imageCan you see the lines or am going going crazy !!

  • Coopski good luck! x

    Lilaczc I can see lines on the new picture as well! Hope all goes well for you x

  • imageAm i losing my mind or does anyone see a second line? Ive been ttc for years and i dont know what to think!

  • Hey I got thetbloodttest resresu back today, they said it was negative. I am gutted. Still no aunt flow and 9 days late. I have no idea what is going on now. I will see the dodoct again ASAP.

  • Coopski, i cant believe that! Im so sorry dearest. I wouldve bet anything that those were 100% positive. Look, dont give up yet, when my mom was pregnant with me, she was totally positive,she knew she was pregnant but all the test were negative even into the beginning of her 2nd trimester. The doctors kept telling her to take a rx of progesterone to start her period back up. She didnt want to but felt like her back was against a wall so she took the rx, well half of it Gratefully. When her period still didnt come she demanded another blood test very much against the doctors wishes.But he took her blood again and sent her home to take the rx which had horrible side effects to an unborn baby including limbs not forming. 2 days later the doctor called my mom and dad asking them to come in immediately. He had gotten the 2nd blood test back and it was FINALLY POSITIVE. She was absolutely indignant, having maintained the entire time that she was pregnant and this doctor put her meds that could have ultimately caused her to miscarry or me to be born without arms or legs. Having to wait until the 2nd trimester (back then) to get an ultrasound was devestating for her, as she felt she had failed by giving in and trusting the doctors when she was SURE she was pregnant. When they finally got the first ultrasound both my parents cried bc they could clearly see me sucking my thumb with my fully formed arms and fingers and both my legs. What she went though was agonizing, so my point is, trust your body and your heart. Doctors screw up all the time, your the only one that really knows you. It seems crazy to me the blood test was negative given the way the hpts looked. Just, dont give up. And even if ypu really arent pregnant which i just cant comprehend, you will be, soon, and when its perfectly right. Dont lose heart or faith, its always the darkest right before dawn. Much love and prayers for you.


  • The doctor said that it might be i ovulated late as hell and it picked up lh rather than hcg. I am gutted and just don't trust myself at all at the moment.

  • Thats out of the question, an ovulation kit can become positive because of hcg but pregnancy tests are specifically designed to pick up the hcg hormone ONLY. I just cant understand this. Im praying for you sweetheart.

    Many Blessings,


  • Now aunt flow has arrived, confirming I am not pregnant. I hopehthis thread helps someone else xxxxx

  • Oh coopski, i am so very truly sorry dearest. Whatever happened, which i am still completely at a loss for, will end up being for your good somehow in the long run. Please do not dismay or give up, everything will happen in the exact right timing for you AND your baby love. I know how heartbreaking this is. Ive been through up and downs with hpts, miscarriages and the loss of my daughter to SIDS at 2 weeks old. I still mourn the loss of her and grieve for my children that were never born. This is an incredibly painful and emotional thing for us that are ttc so hard and yet see babies thrown away like trash. I feel the pain in your heart. But never give up. If you ever want to talk privately you can always email me ANYTIME at [email protected]  This is not something we are meant to go through alone, even if our male counterparts are sympathetic, us women that bare the true pain of this must stick together for love and encouragement. Im praying for you love.

    Your Friend,


  • Allie your story is heartbreaking good luck to everyone trying to get their bfp

  • Lillian,

    Im so sorry if my story was in any way a downer or discouraging to you or anyone else on this page. I dont think thats what you were saying but just in case i wanted to apologize. I really only tell my story because I know that there are a lot of young women who have just started this journey, and when they dont end up pregnant in 3 months after coming off birth control they totally panick amd start getting on these boards because they are scared. I really just want to put the message out there that after everything that I've endured trying to become a mother, all the disappointments and let downs and frustration and your whole heart screaming how incredibly cruel and unfair a joke it is for our bodies to play on us while all of our friends are having to use like 5 different birth control methods and they still get pregnant and how very inconvenient it is for them.....what we have is this, our husbands or partner(and lets face it they will never really be able to experience the grief and frustration we feel), and each other. Other women going through the same things and perhaps worse or more grim looking, and we can stand here together and be stronger, love harder, experience gratefulness on a level that few ever do, motivate each other, seek to encourage and build up those of us that start slipping, and in doing all that we become women full of compassion, empathy and a real understanding of the human spirit. The best part about this, these are the tools, feelings, understandings and so on that will ultimately make you some of the very BEST mothers that will ever be. Maybe your not ready yet, maybe im still not ready yet, but by being held back we were put into the master class of learning to be a great mother. Also, with the thingd ive had happen to me, i still have hope, i have not lost faith that this is my one true calling in life. But ive had to put a LOT of extra faith in God (probably the point) and let Him decide when i will be ready to take on this most awesome and beautiful responsibility. It is still hard and frustrating and sad, but i have peace about it now.

    Many Blessings,


  • Lilaczc how's it going for you?

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