Looking for friends TTC baby #1 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Looking for friends TTC baby #1 thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Do let us know if that's not the case.

Wishing you your BFPs soon! 



  • Hello Ladies,

    How exciting a new thread :)

    Ell thats exactly what it is the waiting game is just killing me its all i can think about at the moment, my husband keeps telling me to stop worrying but that's the last thing you should say to a woman that is already worried haha, I say to him you don't understand what it feels like to think that there could be something wrong with you and could make it difficult to have another baby, but then he says well it could be that there is something wrong with him which i know that is a possibility but when i'm in pain pretty much most of the time i know something isn't right.

    That's good that you husband is getting the ball rolling too that's another thing to cross off the list and i am sure those results will come back fine. how long will they take do you know?

    I think next month we are just going to dtd the day i get a positive opk and for 2 days after that its just way too much pressure to dtd every other day or everyday for like 2 weeks.


  • Hi all,

    Hope this new thread brings with it some new bfps! 

    Babysparkle I can totally relate, I'm the same with worrying about the pcos etc! I'm sure your husband is trying to make you feel better but sometimes all that can help is getting the answers you need and getting things over and done with. From what I've read if they do find you have some endometriosis I think there is a lot they can do, and I'm sure it wouldn't have an impact on having baby number 2 <3 You just need to know now don't you and move things forward if necessary. Is it next Monday your appointment? 

    Thank you, it's ten working days after the appointment, but I think they appointment wont be for a good few weeks as it said on the letter there can be quite a wait. He's going to ring up tomorrow now as need to check suitable dates as you can't dtd for two days before... so don't want to book it in around ovulation! 

    It is far too much pressure you're right! That will more than cover you. I think with this next cycle been number 9 and me holding out that it will happen on cycle 9 we are going to try extra hard. Going to follow the sperm meets egg plan. I've had a look and it would only mean dtd 7 times in total so hopefully doable! Based on my 31 day cycle, will dtd every other day from CD11 until I get a positive opk (around CD 17/18), then will dtd the day of the positive opk, the day after, then miss a day then dtd 1 more time! We will see if we manage it! Its so annoying that I know I'm not pregnant and it is another 21 days until expected ovulation again ffs!! Hey ho what can you do!

    Have they said how long it will be for your results following the procedure, am I right in thinking that if they do find endometriosis on invigating, they can take action there and then so investigation and treatment could happen all in one go? xx

  • I think the new thread will be good luck for everyone image

    Babysparkle, I'll keep my fingers crossed for good news but if they do find endometriosis, Ell is right there is loads they can do. A friend of mine was diagnosed a couple of years back and told hers was too severe for her to ever be able to conceive. She's now pregnant with baba no 2! Its just about staying hopeful as hard as it can be. xx

  • Hi,

    I've been off the pill for nearly two months and I had my first real period. Which ended last Wednesday. Since then I have two light shows when I go to the toilet. Is this common when coming off the pill? I never bleed in between when I was on the pill. but I wouldn't have expected to. xxx

  • Thanks Ell, 

    I know you are right I think its just all the what ifs that scare me,you read all these horror stories that come with things don't you and always thing ill be the unlucky one. Yeah the appointment is next Monday at 10am my mom is coming with me.

    oh no you definitely don't want anything to impact on dtd at the right time.I think that sounds like a great way to start cycle 9 and will get you covering all the basis. I really think cycle 9 will be your time I know that is still so far away and your still not out yet.

    I think they will scan me first to see if they can see any endometrioma and then deicde from there what is the best option, It says in the letter to give enough time for a pre op if that is what they decide is best. but yes if they find anything while investigating they will try and remove what they can at the same time, I think i would probably have to wait a month or so to tcc but ill be happy to do that as long as i know whats going on.

    Thank you KLS92 that gives me alot of hope hearing about your friend, Did she conceive naturally or did she need help?

    Welcome Kelly, It is perfectly normal when you have just come off the pill, It can take upto 3 months for your periods to regulate again. 

    Lots of babydust to you all.


  • Babysparkle, 

    Perfectly naturally. Hers was so advanced that the doctors told her there wasn't many avenues she could go down. So she resigned herself to the fact it wasn't going to happen and then a few months later she found out she had conceived her first and now as I say she's expecting no 2. xx

  • Hiya ladies! Hope you don’t mind me jumping in on the thread! I’m actually TTC #2 but can’t find any groups/threads that anyone’s written in since like 2007 😂 

  • Hey im 24 other half 30 and we have been trying for a year now. 

    Before this i was on the pill for 10 years on and off but havent had a period since then.

    Anyone else in a similar situation? Should i be worried?



  • Thanks for the advice.

    charlotte- i came off the pill a few years ago ago. Not too get Pregnant. it took 6 months for me to get a period. I think it takes a while for some people to get a period. I went To the doctors and they took bloods to check and I got a period a month after (everything came back ok) xx

  • Thanks kls92 that makes me feel better knowing there is hope, guess I just have to wait till my appointment then go from there, if I do have it there isn’t much I can do about it just another hurdle we will have to get over on our ttc journey,

    welcome smilelikeyoumeanit I found that when I was looking at the threads but glad I found this one, how old is your child? How long have you been ttc? 

    Charley I know it can take some people a long time to get their periods back have you spoke to your doctor with any worries that you have? I’m sure they will be able to take some bloods and maybe give you something to maybe bump start your periods, I know the tablets that you can take to stop your periods for an occasion or in my case when I was bleeding for 6 weeks they stop your period then after you have a proper full period,


  • Ooo hello everyone update still no af 6 days late tested yesterday bfn still no period symptoms I cant stop eating I’m always hungry and I feel sick in the mornings and tired I’m napping twice a day body’s feeling really strange waiting till I’m at least a week to 9 days late till I’m testing again 

  • Gosh I’ve not been on the thread for a few days and theres so much to catch up on!

    Rosie - congratulations on tour BFP! How are you feeling? 

    JB - I’m so sorry AF showed up, you were so strong not to test as soon as you were late. Fingers crossed this cycle is the one for you. 

    KLS - I think you shouldn’t worry about what your friend thinks, in the nicest possible way. It actually shocks me a little how people can actually voice these requests?! 

    Ema - have you had any darker BFPs? 

    Kmviv - I’ve got everything crossed for you! 

    Ell - I hope this isn’t a stupid question but what is the speed meets egg plan? Also, really pleased tests came back all clear but know how frustrating it can be as even though you don’t want anything to be wrong it gives you something to focus on and things to change to hopefully get your BFP. 

    hope everyone doing ok and AF is staying away for you all xx

  • Thanks Americantrilogy. It does help to hear other people agree so I know I’m not being a bad friend! 

    How are you getting on? 

    Also, I’d never heard of sperm meets egg before Ell mentioned. I looked it up and I’d be really interested to hear how you get on! 

    Have a lovely day everyone xx 

  • Morning still no af but a negative test again this morning don’t know what’s going on with my body but if I still haven’t shown by next week I’m going to the doctors for bloods I think 

  • Kmviv how many days late are you now? I bet you are so frustrated I agree give it a few more days untill contacting the doctor you may of just implanted a little later. Keep us posted.


  • Babysparkle I’m a week late now and yeah I am frustrated because I feel awful I’ve gained half a stone I’m always hungry and having at least 2/3 naps a day I can’t cope anymore😢 

  • Hello ladies! 

    It’s been a few days since I’ve been on here, was busy having a mental breakdown 😭 Still getting BFN and I’m now 2.5 weeks late for AF. I’ve been getting random cramps that make me double over in pain and some serious mood swings. I feel like a crazy person 😱 At this point I’d be happy if AF showed up. I’d rather have that than nothing

  • Oh no Krimlong23! I'm sorry that you still dont have BFP or AF and that you're in such pain! Did you speak to the doctor yet? 


  • Babysparkle I know the feeling, I always feel I’ll be one of the horror story cases, but then I got a positive opk, and since then it’s been confirmed by docs I am def ovulating! It’s just in our heads and you will feel so so much better once next Monday is over with, good that your mum can go with you. My Husband has his analysis booked for the 26th just want it to come round so it's over with, feel dead sorry for him! He seems fine about it though! 

    Kelly welcome, I think that all sounds totally normal.

    Smilelikeyoumeanit, hi! I hope your ttc journey is a short one! And it’s really lovely to have ladies who have already gone through pregnancy etc as the more experience and knowledge the better!

    Charleym hi, I know things can take a while to settle down after been on the pill, maybe get some bloods done at the docs just to check?

    Kmviv sorry you are in limbo, it must be so frustrating <3 I would def go to the docs to get some answers if your are still in the postion next week.

    Americantrilogy hi! No such thing as a stupid question!! J It’s when you dtd on certain days in the hiope that it gives the sperm and the egg the greatest chance of meeting one another! Basically from around a week before you think you will ovulate start taking opks and dtd every other day, then once you get a positive opk, dtd that day, the day after, miss a day and dtd once more time. I’ve already tried dtd every day, then dtd every other day and neither has worked! So hoping this might help ha!



  • Krimlong so sorry to hear how annoying!! :( xx

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