Positive? IT DISAPPEARED?! Help :(


I took this test and within a minute a line appeared which was pink and it stayed for about 5 minutes or more and then disappeared! I am 5 days late and 2 days ago had brown spotting and tmi mucus like yellow mc when I wiped which both never happen! I’ve been getting bfn’s till now but it disappeared so idk what to think. I’ve been having extremely bad headaches, nausea and on and off painless very mild cramps. I’m either constipated or going to the toilet all the time. And gassy. anyone Please help :( 


  • imageimageimage

    This is what It looked like after my original line disappeared but I threw away the test but only noticed now from the pics I took (those were taken within 10 minutes) that it looks like there could still be another line it’s pink I think but I don’t know? I’m so confused and I feel so sick my head literally is killing me and I feel so hot from all this stress please anyone talkkkkk or I’ll go crazy 

  • Hi hun I can see the faint line still on the other pictures very faint..it could be because it's still very early and because the line is very faint it's began to fade a little try again in another day and see :) good luck x

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