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Terrified of morning sickness...

I'm ttc and I know I want this so bad but also the fear of morning sickness is keeping me from being excited.. I have a test of throwing up in public or in front of people. I feel like the attention would be on me in a negative way. I work as a cashier and I'm also a manager so I can't call off. I'm so scared I'll throw up in front of customers. Half of me is excited when my period is late and the other half of me is so scared because I fear this morning sickness. My mother and grandmother had it very bad in the beginning of their pregnancies so I know I will also. Any advice?


  • I meant fear not test

  • Sorry to hear you're so anxious, but hold on to the fact that not everyone suffers with sickness - i was never sick once with both my pregnancies. Have you thought about getting some cognitive behavioural therapy to help? Call your GP about it and you can self-refer - it might help deal with the worry. Good luck x

  • While there is a slight genetic link it's certainly not guaranteed you'll suffer just because your mother and grandmother did. 

    I had horrendous sickness, but even so there were only 2 occasions I threw up in front of other people. Unless you're ridiculously unlucky and suffer almost constant sickness, you'd generally get to know a pattern, and you just make sure you're near a toilet at those times. 

    Also there's treatments for severe morning sickness that wouldn't have been so easy to come by when your mother and grandmother were pregnant.

  • I felt the exactly the same I’m 8 weeks tomorrow and I still haven’t been sick not everyone gets morning sickness my mother had it really bad and I’m fine so don’t let that put you off but I completely understand where your coming from I’m petrified of being sick but having a baby being sick will be worth it xx

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