TTC and Ovulation Tests

Hi all! Im new on here and am full of questions! My husband and I are ttc for the third month since having a miscarriage in July. We got pregnant after two months the first time and without much tracking, and I am now doing ovulation tests to see when to try. Two days ago I started to get a dark test line. It was pretty dark yesterday as well. My husband was away for work until late last night so the earliest we could BD was this morning. I just took another test after we did the BD and not only was the test line as dark as the control line, it was darker. Am I too late on trying since we missed the last two days or do you think we still have a chance after doing the BD this morning and hopefully the next few days? Please help 😄


  • If the line was or more darker than the control line then I’d say your fine it’s more likely to be your positive result you have had .. fingers crossed for you , if you can squeeze another BD in tonight then that would be good or tomorrow morning as once you have that positive you have 24-48 hours xx

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